Kevin Stefanski on Baker Mayfield: It’s a unique, fluid situation

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The Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield remain at an impasse.

Mayfield has reportedly elected to not attend the start of Cleveland’s voluntary offseason program this week, though head coach Kevin Stefanski did not confirm that in his Wednesday press conference. And Stefanski didn’t have much of an update when asked about Mayfield’s status with the team.

“I’d tell you that’s a unique situation. It’s fluid. And we’ll just continue to work through it as we go each day,” Stefanski said. “It’s a voluntary program. What we won’t do is we won’t say who’s here, who’s not here. It’s voluntary. The guys that show up, we’re excited that they’re here. We’re excited to work with them.”

Stefanski was also asked about Mayfield recently saying during a podcast interview that he feels disrespected by the Browns. But the head coach declined to comment on it.

“I’m not going to get into the specifics of those types of things,” Stefanski said. “Again, it really is a unique situation and we’ll just work through it.”

It’s unclear when and to which team Mayfield will be traded. He’s owed $18.8 million in 2022 and the Browns may have to pay at least a portion of that salary to facilitate a deal.

Mayfield mentioned the Seahawks as a likely destination in his podcast interview. But the Panthers have also emerged as a potential suitor for the 2018 No. 1 overall pick.

27 responses to “Kevin Stefanski on Baker Mayfield: It’s a unique, fluid situation

  1. The irony of him not wanting to be on the train now bc he’s not driving it. Life sure has a way of coming full circle. He owes Duke Johnson a public apology.

  2. As a head coach, Stefanski sold his soul in this deal maligning Mayfield. If he wins a superbowl he will get past it, otherwise I predict this Brown’s stint will be the end of the line for his career. Who hires a head coach the QB cannot trust?

  3. With Baker gone, Stefanski has no more excuses now. It’s SB or he gets fired. The Haslams are impatient owners.

  4. Baker should cause the biggest headache for the browns, so much that they are forced to cut him. Show up at workouts, and then in press conferences BLAST the QB room and the coaches.

  5. until Baker has a new team this question will be at every PC the HC and GM do. and the answer will be what we just heard..

  6. “Well, my boss called him a child and then we traded the farm for a moral and legal liability, and well…things are now pretty fluid.”

  7. It looked like they finally had a competent front office until this.
    This move has Jimmy Haslam’s fingerprints all over it. Just like the Johnny Football pick.
    Both of these moves set the Browns back for years.

  8. It’s not fluid at all. They replaced him, are trying to figure out a trade, and other teams are playing hardball because the Browns’ collective backs are against the wall.

  9. Cut him and pay him his money, that’s where this is headed. This whole issue is 100% on the Browns front office. They could’ve traded him early in the offseason.. didn’t.. and now they are here with the entire NFL knowing they can get Baker for free in a matter of weeks if they want.

  10. Stefanski is nothing if not restrained. He never gives much of quote, which is a sign of a professional. Not sure why this is even a story…

  11. I wouldn’t be totally shocked if he’s not traded and starts most of/all of the season for the Browns while Watson is suspended.

    The trade market for Mayfield has been frigid; quarterback-needy teams will probably draft quarterbacks; and if the Browns outright release him, they’ll end up paying his salary less the veteran minimum. They might as well keep him if no one is going to offer at least a third-round pick.

    The best-case scenario for the Browns if they can’t get a decent pick is Mayfield plays well enough for them to keep them in contention for a playoff spot for as long as Watson is out, then earns himself a big enough contract to get them a decent comp pick next year when he walks in free agency to replace some of the haul they traded for Watson.

  12. Like a used car that becomes more trouble than it’s worth, get what you can get, move on.

  13. LOL it’s a “unique situation” allright. I can’t recall an NFL franchise handling a QB switch so clumsily and painfully. Between Beckham and Mayfield, I can’t imagine any of this is endearing the franchise to free agents moving forward. Seems like a fairly unstable place where they are fine to say one thing and do another.

    PS- Browns better hope they did their due diligence on Watson, who knows what secrets await down the road! The whole thing is such a PR gamble, and they’ve already lost the first few hands.

  14. The Browns sucker punched Mayfield. The classy thing to do now would be to cut him and let him go find a new team…but I’m not holding my breath. The Browns is the Browns.

  15. They should’ve kept Baker in the loop but it is what it is. They had to take a chance for an elite superstar QB, so they did. They are now a legit threat for the super bowl for years to come

  16. It’s definitely unique when you quit on a player.

    He’s average, everyone in the NFL knows that. The Browns had to move on.

  17. Stefanski is a master of saying a lot while not really saying anything. Until Baker gets traded or cut, there’s really not much else to say about this mess.

  18. If I was Baker I would show up and try to ball out … make it as uncomfortable as possible for the Browns. Worst case scenario is he gets $18.8 million to hold a clip board. I would trade position in a heartbeat !

  19. The USFL is hiring. Browns can probably trade him for a couple helmets, t-shirts and stickers.

  20. “Unique” = We have no idea what we’re doing.

    “Fluid” = We’re making this up as we go along.

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