Saquon Barkley tired of “the BS that is said about me”

NFL: DEC 26 Giants at Eagles
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The start of the offseason featured speculation about whether the Giants would try to trade running back Saquon Barkley ahead of his fifth NFL season, but the Giants did little to suggest that was something they wanted to do and Barkley is at the team’s voluntary minicamp this week.

The fact that trading Barkley was a thought four years after the Giants took him second overall is a sign of how things have not gone as planned for Barkley or the Giants. Barkley’s rookie season was a huge success individually, but the Giants were 5-11 and Barkley had the first of three injury-interrupted seasons in 2019. He tore his ACL in the second week of the 2020 season and returned to run for 593 yards and two touchdowns on 162 carries in 13 games last year.

Barkley now enters the final year of his contract as a symbol of the misguided moves former General Manager Dave Gettleman made while the Giants went 22-59 over the last five seasons and the question marks have led some to write him off as a difference maker on offense. On Wednesday, Barkley said his goals are to prove those people wrong and the Giants right.

“I just want to kill, go crazy,” Barkley said, via “I don’t want to jump the gun. It’s a long way until September and the start of the regular season, but to be honest, I’m tired of whatever’s written about me, the BS that is said about me or this team. I want to go out there and prove to this organization that the player they drafted is still there, and I can still do special things with the ball in my hand.”

If Barkley proves that’s the case, it will make for an interesting decision for the Giants after the season about where they think things will go in Year 6 and beyond.

17 responses to “Saquon Barkley tired of “the BS that is said about me”

  1. I don’t think anyone is questioning his work ethic and heart for the game. They are merely pointing out his injury situation.

  2. Packers have 2 running backs better than this guy, What a wasted draft pick. Don’t use a first round pick on a running back.

  3. He’s been injured a lot. Nobody is making that up. That’s all they’re saying about him. If it’s the truth, how is it BS?

  4. Once the court documents are unsealed, everyone will know the whole truth. There will be nowhere to hobble and hide.

  5. All 3 top picks from 2018, Baker, Saquon and Darnold will not get a second contract from teams that drafted them. That must be a record.

  6. Sorry Saquan, you have the Penn State RB jinx. Larry Johnson was the last decent RB out of Penn State before that it was Franco Harris. Everyone else was a short career injury bust; Ki-Jana Carter, Curtis Enis, Blair Thomas, the list goes on. They get the ball too much in college and their NFL careers are shortened. Franco was able to play for many year because he wasn’t a starter in college.

  7. I feel bad for the guy. The first play from scrimmage he made 40 yards up the middle and we all thought he would be going to the HOF. Now not so much, but he’s still young I guess.

  8. Another injured Penn State running back that was a monster in college. Why oh why?

  9. You can sure tell it’s Saquon’s contract year!

    I’m from Missouri “SHOW ME”, talk is cheap!

  10. Chubb was a homerun in the second. I think that’s where to go for good rbs. 1st way too high let alone top 10

  11. He lacks any lateral movement now or amazing spin moves. He often goes down by arm tackles or hits the pile and drops. Any long runs over the last 2 years has to do with massive holes opened up by the 0-line. I loved this guy coming out of college and even in his first year. After the ACL he’s been below average at best. Our back-up that we just let go was better. Gettleman killed our team.

  12. Barkley reminds me of Ickey Woods, a big guy with unnatural speed for someone his size but just didn’t have that quick acceleration coming out of the hole to get past the LBs. Holes close real damn quick in the NFL.

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