Von Miller: Bills have a collection of personalities like no team I’ve been on

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Bills outside linebacker Von Miller has been on two different Super Bowl-winning teams, once with the Broncos and once with the Rams. But he thinks his new team is unique.

Miller said today after reporting to offseason work that the teammates he has with the Bills have already impressed him with their dedication to doing something great.

“I love these guys,” Miller said. “I knew about the team, I knew about the players here, but the collection of guys, the collection of personalities is nothing like I’ve ever ben on. I was with the Rams last year and it was like the Pro Bowl every day. You’ve got talented guys all around, Jalen Ramsey, Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford, I had Odell Beckham, his locker was right across from mine. We had a great locker room there, but this locker room is great. It kind of has like a college vibe here at the facility. The facility is great here. Whenever we’re here at work it’s great. When you walk outside, I’m still getting used to the wind and being in Buffalo, but everybody I’ve talked to that moved here from big cities, they love it. They grow this love for this city, they grow this love for snow and wind. I’m hoping that’ll be me but I haven’t gotten there yet. But when we’re here at the facility, it’s a dream. It just reminds me of why I made the decision to come here to Buffalo.”

Miller seems to think he can win a Super Bowl with the Bills, just as he did with the Broncos and Rams. If he does, he’ll be the first player ever to play on the winning team in a Super Bowl for three different franchises.

20 responses to “Von Miller: Bills have a collection of personalities like no team I’ve been on

  1. Beane has really done masterful work here. Not just in transforming the Bills & creating a winning culture, but in assembling this current team.

    They’ve checked every box except for the biggest. That’s really all that’s left – close the deal.

  2. He has a decent chance for a third ring. The Bills are clearly the class of the AFCE and probably one of the top 5 overall. The roster is strong and deep, injuries may be the only wild card.

  3. Last season, 1st place Bills record was 11-6, 2nd place Patriots record was 10-7. We’ll see what happens this season but I think the division is still wide open.

  4. Von, wait till Bills Mafia meets you ……. It’s a scene you will never forget. And get ready for the massive airport greetings after road games

  5. It still feels a bit surreal to read stuff like this as a Bills fan. It’s incredible what Beane and McDermott have done for the Buffalo Bills.

    The Pegulas too. They built world class facilities with top of the line everything. It’s a top 3 training facility in the NFL.

  6. BB doesn’t need personalities to win.

    He’s going to win on the field with cap space.

    Keep playing checkers…

  7. Great player !! He’s got a great chance of going to another Superbowl..unfortunately my Seahawks won’t be seeing another Superbowl for quite sometime…

  8. Name one time a veteran player who signed a big money contract in free agency didn’t have anything but praise for his new team, his new teammates and his new favorite fan base.

  9. Yes we saw, especially with 13 seconds to go in a playoff game!

    Is a Miami dolphins fan really criticizing anyone for playoff performance?

  10. touchback6 says:
    April 20, 2022 at 4:16 pm
    BB doesn’t need personalities to win.

    He’s going to win on the field with cap space.

    Keep playing checkers…


    He better replace pretty much the entire defense …..the one he fielded against the Bills was the worst in Patriots history

  11. Von Miller could very well win his third super bowl. I’m rooting for the Bills this year. Would like to see this franchise win it all.

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