Which teams could try to trade for Deebo Samuel?

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Deebo Samuel wants out of San Francisco. If the 49ers grant his request, where will he go?

The most obvious trade partner is the Jets. They were ready to trade for Tyreek Hill, and to pay him. He chose the Dolphins instead.

There’s also a 49ers connection in New York, with former 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh the head coach and former 49ers  passing game coordinator Mike LaFleur running the offense.

Of course, that could be counterproductive. If, as it could be, Samuel is concerned about the wear and tear of becoming a part-time tailback, he may not be interested in a team that potentially would use him the same way.

Other teams to watch, in our view, include the Eagles, the Bears, the Falcons, the Texans, the Saints, the Patriots, the Chiefs, and the Packers.

As to the last two, the fact that they shipped high-end receivers out of town and took the picks instead would make them less likely to give up picks and a pile of cash for Samuel. Moreover, the 49ers likely wouldn’t be inclined to trade Samuel to a team that it regards as a rival, like the Packers.

Regardless, every team is now on notice of Samuel’s discontent, with only eight days to go until the draft. As the clock ticks toward next Thursday, keep this in mind — if the 49ers were willing to trade Samuel, why would he need to go public with his request?

58 responses to “Which teams could try to trade for Deebo Samuel?

  1. Doubt they will trade him. They will sit on him and dare him to sit out. My prediction is he will play for the 49’ers.

  2. As a Rams fan, I love this. Dude has obviously seen enough of Trey Lance to know he is going to negatively impact his next contact. Nobody wants to play in the NFC West now. It’s like the AFC East when the Patriots were dominant.

  3. Team up with ex 49er DeForest in Naptown! A perfect fit! Make it happen Colts

  4. Chiefs and Saints make sense. Bears, Lions, and Commanders come to mind as well. Packers might make sense if they had the cap space to pay him what he wants.

  5. The Jets need to make this happen. Deebo will invigorate their offense and Deebo will shine in The Big Apple.

  6. I can’t see the Bears being interested, it seems like they want to build through the draft and with their lack of picks, they could offer every 2022 pick they have and it wouldn’t be enough. Samuel would be a great addition, but they aren’t one WR away from contending

  7. Keep the Packers off of this list. We don’t need to get in the market of bringing in over priced players that only touch the ball a handful of times a game.

  8. Everybody knows you don’t pay an All-Pro dual-threat WR if it means you can’t keep the $25 mil QB you’ve already tried to replace…

  9. The Chiefs???? They just traded away Hill because they couldn’t afford him. How could they possibly afford Deebo?

  10. Yeah, teams will be falling over themselves to sign a malcontent to a huge contract that he’ll want to have replaced in another year or two. At some point this insanity has to end.

  11. So you really think the Chiefs traded away Tyreek Hill because they didn’t want to pay him only to turn around and trade for Deebo to pay him? Use some common sense

  12. If he gets traded I see him going to the Jets. The 9ers could help out Saleh while getting Deebo out of the NFC. Win-win for the 9ers.

  13. oldgoat says:
    April 20, 2022 at 1:25 pm
    The Packers already own the 9ers. I don’t see them trading him there …


    I wanna know what this guy is on…

  14. nytro says:
    April 20, 2022 at 1:47 pm
    The Browns have over $26 million in cap space…


    Closer to 19.6M actually.

  15. The key here is TRADE COMPENSATION. After seeing the Hill deal, who else wants to line up 5 picks to get Deebo before even breaking out the wallet?

  16. Who’s gonna give up a bunch of draft capitol & THEN pay him the money he wants….. not happening, no way!!!

  17. Samuel fits lots a give in that niners offense. He should be careful what he wishes for. He’s in a pretty good situation. Unless the niners are really trying to lowball him just play out your final year and hit free agency. Don’t know why he’s having a fit about it.

  18. I don’t think you could call Green Bay a Rival of San Fran considering the way the 9ers have owned them over the years.

  19. I am surprised they did not put the Colts on the list. Deebo could help them a lot.

  20. The brand of football he plays would fit well in baltimore but they don’t have the cap space to over pay for a average wide receiver

  21. He is a system player, on a new team it will be not the same and not as productive

  22. The Browns seem viable and with both Amari and Deebo, I would actually be legitimately afraid of them instead of viewing them as overhyped pretenders. Another team that is a Deebo away from being scary is Indy, but I don’t know what kind of space they have.

  23. Massive WR contracts will have a negative long-term impact on the position. With so many young, talented receivers coming out of college these days, wide receivers will eventually become like running backs.

  24. He would fit with the Patriots like Codarrelle Paterson but he wants too much money.

  25. Welcome to another round of break the bank….what teams today want to commit 25 percent of their salary cap to a wide receiver….lets spin the wheel and see who “wins”.

  26. The Packers already own the 49ers? Better check the last two playoffs meetings again.

  27. He isn’t going to the Patriots or Packers. Some of you are simply delusional.

  28. Why would the Texans want Deebo Samuel? I don’t think that would fit Caserio’s plan to rebuild the team. He’s a luxury item for a contending team, not a foundation piece for a rebuild. Odds that his production is elite in 3-4 years are not high.

  29. I just woke up from a dream and there was a trade between Carolina and SF 49’ers with a whole bunch of picks and players. So you heard it here first.

  30. Deebo Samual is only as good as he is is because he plays for Shanahan.

  31. Packers ???? No Way !
    What Deebo wants doesn’t fit GB. They would have paid Adams,.. but it’s a salary cap issue. I’d love to see him in Green and Gold,.. ut the price is too high. WR pay has gone ballistic.

  32. oldgoat says:
    April 20, 2022 at 1:25 pm
    The Packers already own the 9ers. I don’t see them trading him there …

    Are those the same Packers that lost to the 9ners in the play offs?

  33. Being a Millionaire athlete living in one of the best spots in America he must really like football to request out of that life. But at the same time I also know its all about the money and making as much as you can while in the league.

  34. I think he’ll pull a hammy to keep himself limited until he gets a new contract. He wants two more bites at the apple. The way the niners use him, if he re-signs, he won’t get a great contact after that.

  35. I don’t think the 49ers regard the Packers as a rival.

    I mean, just take a look at the last decade of playoff games between the two. The 49ers have won every single game, most of them convincingly.

  36. Me thinks Deebo is overplaying his hand. He’s a (great) fresh insert for the niner’s as was John Jefferson for the Chargers in the 80’s. John Lynch Jr was a kid in Del Mar, ca @ the time. They can always franchise the Deeb.

  37. All these players trying to get out of the NFC West. Wonder why. But we know why.

  38. With a clear 1 to 3 yr window for Aaron Rodgers in GB, Gutekunst might want to think carefully and really explore this. Does he want to have to break in multiple rookie WRs during this short window or trade for a proven guy like Deebo even with the high cost of the trade and a new contract?

    They apparently were willing to pay Adams but he decided he’d rather go to LV. If GB can keep 22 and 53 and instead trade 28 and 59 for Deebo. That would be like trading Adams for Deebo while improving their original picks in the 1st and 2nd round by 6 spots each.

    As a fan it would hurt to see them give up that amount of draft capital for 1 guy but they have to use the picks on someone and that someone or someones could be a bust.

    The stakes are high enough that I would make the deal for Deebo and make good use of the 9 remaining picks.

    If hes not traded before or during the draft, if I’m Gutekunst I’m calling the 49ers around the time pick 28 is coming up and make an offer for Deebo. Depending on who GB takes at 22 of course. If they get Treylon Burks then I might not.

  39. Bears need more draft picks, not less by trading them away for a huge contract player. I hope Ryan Poles sticks to his plan and doesn’t touch this mess.

  40. footfan68 says:
    April 20, 2022 at 1:21 pm
    As a Rams fan, I love this. Dude has obviously seen enough of Trey Lance to know he is going to negatively impact his next contact. Nobody wants to play in the NFC West now. It’s like the AFC East when the Patriots were dominant.


    Yeah, the Rams are just like the Patriots, except for the dynasty part.

  41. Was stuck in an airport for a couple of hours today and I read everything I could find on Deebo. Big injury history in college…very risky for SF to give him the “BIG” contract. Also, he creates his value by being a swiss army knife, playing many different roles. Rumor has it, he wants to be a receiver only…I would hold my ground on this one.

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