Xavier McKinney: It’s not so uptight around Giants this year

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Giants players have spent the last few weeks working with the team’s new coaching staff and that’s been long enough for them to get an idea about how things will be different from life under Joe Judge.

Safety Xavier McKinney identified one key difference with new head coach Brian Daboll now running the show. McKinney said that it has been “refreshing to know he’s really for the players and he wants to see us be successful and actually help us in whatever way we need” while noting that “communication has been fantastic” because of how open the coaches have been with the players.

“The communication part of it, it’s not so uptight, how it was before,” McKinney said on the New York Post‘s “Blue Rush” podcast. “You can be yourself, you can be you. When we come in here, we always come in here to work but it’s just fun, everybody being who they are and we’re having fun with it.”

A shift in atmosphere is to be expected when a team changes its coaching staff and one need only look back to the early months of the Judge, Pat Shurmur, and Ben McAdoo eras to see how players embraced those changes. That embrace didn’t lead to success on the field, though, and Daboll will have to buck that trend for the organizational changes amount to more than fodder for offseason conversations.

6 responses to “Xavier McKinney: It’s not so uptight around Giants this year

  1. I think these young Millennial types get confused with what hard work is and what fake hard work is up against the backdrop of a country club environment.

    Our society is literally crumbling with an infestation of a lack of hard work by Millennials in the work place and now Gen Z following in their footsteps.

  2. It’s simple, a struggling GM and coach will have a lot of pressure on them that will trickle down to the players. A new administration comes in and everything is rosy. Until they start losing and the stress returns.

  3. How obvious is this? Judge thought he’d do the Belicheck act. It doesn’t work without Tom Brady.

  4. Judge was not up to the job. BB’s recommendation was revenge for his Super Bowl losses to the Gmen. Judge and Gettleman were the ones who should have been running laps.

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