49ers reportedly have “zero intention” to trade Deebo Samuel

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The 49ers have not yet publicly addressed the request from receiver Deebo Samuel that the team trade him. What they say, or don’t say, will say plenty about whether they would do it.

There’s one report that caught our eye, given the presence of one of the most loaded words when it comes to potential player trades. Via Connor Hughes of TheAthletic.com, the 49ers have “zero intention” to trade Samuel.

Whether it’s no intention or zero intention or some other way to express absence of intention, we know that the word “intention” implies a mindset that can be changed. Perhaps by an offer that the 49ers can’t or won’t refuse.

This report and others of that same ilk suggest that the 49ers haven’t taken a no-way-in-hell approach as to the possibility of trading Deebo. Which means that the door is open, if someone shows up with a package of picks and players that could help replenish the three-ones-and-a-three investment made last year in quarterback Trey Lance — and that at the end of the day the 49ers wouldn’t reject.

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  1. As a Niner fan , Love Deebo , He is an all world talent and Shanahan knows How to use His skill set the best . Pay the Man His Money ,include more Guaranteed money if its about longevity that Deebo is worried about .On the flip side If it cant get resolved Trade him to the Jets where it seems We can get the most draft capital and You don’t have to worry about Him hurting Us in the playoffs.

  2. TampaBrady should make a trade for Deebo
    Adding Deebo would make for an unstoppable Offense

  3. Deebo may sit out 2022.

    At this point, unless he has a major attitude change, I would A) not extend his contract – whether he sits out 2022 or not, and B) I would not sign him beyond 2022, regardless of how well he plays.

  4. Niners will roll with “zero intention” to trade Deebo Samuel, right up until he is inevitably traded.

  5. Just trying to build up some more trade leverage…. He’s gone once compensation is reached……

  6. They’d be smart to trade him while they can get something for him. If he plays the year out he’ll be a free agent and the only thing they’ll get is possibly a compensatory pick.

  7. The San Francisco 49ers front office must of hired Pete Carroll as a PR consultant.

  8. I wouldn’t trade him either, and if he becomes disruptive then suspend him, and take his money. You get guys attention when you start messing with their money

  9. If I’m the Jets, I’m willing to trade the #10 pick in round 1 and a 5th round pick for Deebo.

  10. If they’re going to use him so much at running back, he should hold out. What’s the average NFL life of a rb? Maybe 5 years? The average life of a wr, maybe twice that or more? If they keep using him the way he has been, he’s in for a much shorter career.

  11. I love my Ferrari. Yeah, it has been in the shop more than on the road. These Ferraris have really gone up in price, but I have no intention of selling it.

  12. That’s a quote right out of the Rick Spielman handbook (right before he traded Percy Harvin for a boat load of picks).

  13. Once their is a disgruntled employee it is pretty useless to keep them, the coach can longer trust that player. Would image Deebo to be much more concerned about injury then gaining yards when running or laying out for passes (drop the ball instead of catching it) so he is going to make a lot more business decisions to not get hit. In fact if he is smart he will refuse to be a running back, why take the punishment when someone else will pay him much more.

  14. “No intentions” is GM speak for we want to drive the price up to trade him.

  15. Packers had no intention of trading Adams. Chiefs had no intention of trading Hill. Samuel wants money like they got, that their former teams refused to give them. Those two are elite WR. Samuel had one good year and injuires prior to that. Someone will make SF an offer they can’t turn down. Will overpay Samuel.

  16. Keep him for this year, let him play out his contract. Franchise tag next off season, so you can work out a trade. If he doesn’t want to sign it, drop the tag the night before the season starts and see what kind of contract he can get then. Eliminate the Franchise tag and guarantee contracts, we won’t see things like this.

  17. So, I take it the Rams have already signed him? Or, no wait, Deebo is “vacationing” with Sean McVay?

  18. This is a negotiating tactic from the Niners, to signal they haven’t received the level offer they want.

    The Seahawks did the same thing with Wilson. A few weeks before he was traded, Pete Carroll said they weren’t interested in trading him. Turns out this comment coincided with the period that trade talks started between the two teams.

    It’s all for the sake of leverage in negotiations.

  19. Stat for those saying it’s because Deebo doesn’t;t want to play with Trey Lance. In Lance’s two starts last year Deebo had 12 catches. Five receptions vs AZ and 7 receptions vs Texans with a long TD.

  20. Saw latest proposal from Jets “insiders” they’d offer 10th, 2023 3rd and Alijah Vera-Tucker for Deebo. If he’s truly that unhappy I’d move him asap, take that deal or another one similar. If we somehow came out of this draft with Kyle Hamilton or Stingley Jr/Sauce I’d be OK living life without Deebo. It will be ironic if he’s upset over wideback role and at same time that’s what’s going to get him paid in same neighborhood davante, tyreek. Deebo had 1 breakout year, those dudes been balling consistently without injury in large part.

  21. So now players want to tell the coaches how they want to be used and if not want a trade, really? So certain players who think so highly of themselves want say in coaching choices and now how they are deployed in a game. What’s next they want to call plays or maybe just be used on the 1 yard line all year to score 30 touchdowns. I along with a a lot of fans are tired of this from players. The old saying coaches coach, players play whatever happens need to that?

    Debo doesn’t like how he’s been used c’mon, have you ever heard Christian McCaffery complain about being g used and abused so much on crap teams? NO, and you won’t cause he is a classy player.

  22. This team loves to do its business through the media. Guess it makes sense since it’s the only thing their GM has experience in. I’m sure they’ll be taking those two second-round picks they have on the table for Jimmy G any day now…

  23. Cuz the 9ers are really going to kill trade value by saying “Oh, yeah. Definitely. We’re actively looking to ship this dude out for whatever we can get!” – I think we all know it’s going to take some early round picks to pry him away.

  24. Tell me Deebo should pack his bags without telling me that Deebo should pack his bags.

  25. I understand if he’s not thrilled about playing RB. RBs take a ton of punishment, aren’t paid very well and have shorter careers than WRs. But what if his new team wants him to play MORE RB than SF has?

    Cordarelle Patterson has been this kind of multi-use WR/RB for a number of years, and he had a great year last year in Atlanta (and he did get hurt), but he hasn’t exactly had the bank thrown at him by anyone when he’s been on the market.

    Not comparing the two, just saying that teams may like this kind of versatility, but even THEY worry about the wear & tear on the player from playing RB.

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