Bears defenders miss having Khalil Mack around

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Bears players have had a lot to adjust to this offseason.

The team changed coaches and General Managers, saw wide receiver Allen Robinson leave as a free agent, released a number of veterans, and traded edge rusher Khalil Mack to the Chargers. The last of those moves was a top of conversation for a couple of Bears defensive players from the team’s voluntary minicamp on Wednesday.

Defensive end Trevis Gipson said the trade “sort of bothered me a little bit because I stole a lot of information from him” about how to carry himself as an NFL player. Gipson noted that any bother he felt was mitigated by his knowledge that “it’s a business” and linebacker Roquan Smith expressed a similar mix of emotions about Mack’s departure.

“Hey, it sucks seeing one of your guys go, one of the leaders,” Smith said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “But hey, life goes on. I know he’s gonna do well out there in L.A. You know, a healthy Mack is a damn good player, as we all know.”

Mack wasn’t healthy last season and the Bears’ new regime opted to kick off their run by moving his salary to a team that looks closer to competing in the near term. If they can use the money freed up and the picks acquired from the Chargers to push the team back up the standings, the long view of the decision should be a positive one.

8 responses to “Bears defenders miss having Khalil Mack around

  1. Bears don’t have a 1st or 4th rd pick in this draft. They do have pick 39 48 71.
    Bears could trade pick 39, 48 and 71 to chiefs for pick 30, 62, 121 and 135. This gives the bears the picks they need. 30 and 62 for 39 and 48 wash each other so its really pick 121 and 135 for 71 chiefs could throw in a 7th rd to make this work.

  2. followdamoney says:
    April 21, 2022 at 10:32 am

    Mack was glass.


    Mack played up to his 100% level for one game while on the Bears for 3-4 years. That was the first game against Green Bay, after that his name was basically on the roster to scare offensive opponents.

    Good Riddance.

  3. All this recent talk that Mack is glass/injury prone is such a lazy and outright dumb perspective. He got injured in game 7 last year and missed rest of year. The previous 7 years he missed a total of 2 games.

  4. Mack will be missed. His intensity was unmatched but Gipson really developed and stepped up. What’s probably not known is the two remaining primary Bear’s pass rushers had 25 sacks combined.

  5. Why would they miss him? He made two plays per game and took the rest of the game off – that is his history. His absence will allow someone with more than vaporware to start taking on offensive players to make others’ jobs’ easier.

  6. You will see how much hes missed when teams dont have to double anyone and still stop our DL. Everyone else ate because teams gameplanned mack, a totally dofferent story now.

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