DeSean Jackson considering retirement but would return for a “great quarterback”

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts
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DeSean Jackson has played 14 NFL seasons. He made only 20 catches with two teams last season but showed he still can go deep with a career-best 22.7 yards per catch average.

Jackson now is a free agent, and despite previously saying he will play a 15th season, he said he is rethinking his future.

“I’m not really sure if I’m going to play next year or not,” Jackson told Ashley Nicole Moss on Laces Out. “I know I announced it and said I was going to play, but it’s just really, where I am at this point in my life, it’s got to be the right fit. To play 14 years in the NFL, going to Philly, going to Washington, Tampa, going back to Philly and then playing for the Rams and then playing for the Raiders, it’s got to fit right for me. But my career has been one hell of a ride.”

One thing would entice Jackson to return.

“If the right situation calls, a great quarterback — not just a good quarterback,” Jackson said.

He named the Chiefs, Browns, Broncos and Packers.

“We’ll see for sure,” he said.

Jackson played seven games for the Rams and nine for the Raiders last season. He has 632 receptions for 11,110 yards and 58 touchdowns and has returned four punts for touchdowns.

25 responses to “DeSean Jackson considering retirement but would return for a “great quarterback”

  1. I wonder what really happened with him and the Rams. OBJ slid right in and killed it, that could’ve been Jackson.

  2. He had at least 2 wide open drops and one sure touchdown that he fumbled while playing for the Raiders. No thanks

  3. Sorry, lost all interest when he was catching clear deep TD’s and stopping to turn and run the wrong way…

  4. Browns and Broncos do not have great QB’s.
    And rodgers hasn’t done much in the playoff in years.

  5. Every team should hire this guy because once he leaves they win the SB within a few years (or months)

  6. Kind of hard to enjoy playing with a great qb when you’re out by week two with a torn groin or hamstring

  7. well hopefully that great quarterback doesnt want a great wide receiver, instead of a kinda, sorta, used to be decent wide receiver.

  8. He demanded to be traded twice because Winston and Stafford both have horrendous deep ball accuracy. Denver or Buffalo seem like good options.

  9. If he drives past Foxboro he’ll see a sign that says NO VACANCY.

    BB has restocked the shelves with the addition of a true number one in DeVante Parker.

  10. i mean, he still showed he had hella speed…the real problem is he’s probably only good for a few games…if you can waste a roster spot he’d prob be worth it and just use sparingly

  11. he’s not in demand, let alone in a position to decide where he goes at this point of his career. no slight intended. he had a really good career. wr is the new rb. over 30 and youre going to be replaced unless youre real special.

  12. I think the Packers should pick him up. That way he and Watkins can form a time share of sorts… when Watkins is hurt, Jackson can play. When Jackson is hurt Watkins can play. They’ll just switch off every two or three games. It’ll be perfect!

  13. funny how he names the teams that either just lost their #1 WR’s, or only have 1 one true WR on their roster.

  14. Come back to Philly, sign a 1 day contract, retire at a home game, wave to the fans.

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