Howie Roseman shares an intriguing philosophy about following trends in team building

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The NFL is a copycat league. Eagles G.M. Howie Roseman would prefer to be the cat who gets copied.

Asked how the ongoing spike in veteran receiver contracts could impact the team’s approach to drafting a receiver, Roseman made an interesting philosophical point during a Wednesday press conference.

“[Y]ou have to make a decision on what your priorities are on building the team, whether you’re going to kind of go with the flow or you’re going to kind of figure out what is the most important thing for your team and if there’s some value in being different and figuring out what now is kind of the next area,” Roseman told reporters. “I think we spent a lot of time, Coach [Nick Sirianni] and I talk about this all the time, if we’re going to be the same as everyone else, we’re probably going to finish in the middle of the pack. Sometimes you have to take risks and you have to stand out there and do something different than everyone else. So that doesn’t mean that there aren’t right decisions to make at that position. But at the same time, if you’re doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, you’re probably a step late.”

That comment could be an indication that the Eagles aren’t thinking about making a big trade for 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel, since that would simply be the next step in this new trend of teams paying big money for receivers from other teams. It also may be, in a roundabout way, a hint as to how they could be handling their quarterback position, for now.

I’ve wondered whether the Eagles are considering making a break from the mold of developing a franchise quarterback and then paying one. What if they become the first team who is happy with a lower-tier player, who will command a lower-tier contract? That would leave millions for other positions that often get short shrift if/when a quarterback makes market-level money.

When looking at the list of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL, there aren’t a lot of Super Bowl rings in that group. The Eagles won theirs with a backup. Maybe they realize that the key to being a contender isn’t being in contention for richest quarterback in the league.

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  1. “What if they become the first team who is happy with a lower-tier player, who will command a lower-tier contract?”
    The problem with that is once a team commits to a player as their qb then the qb wants to be paid as such. Most qbs(or players) in general also have an ego and wouldnt want to be known as the guy who is 2nd rate.

  2. Possibly the worst GM in the league and it’s not even close. He must be related to the owner.

  3. Exactly. When you look at the the draft grades given over the years to folks like Baker Mayfield, Jared Goff, Jameis Winston, Sam Bradford, Jamarcus Russell, etc etc etc.. it seems clear to me that the problem really is NFL-level-talent evaluation. Folks seem to fall in love with college players for whatever reason and these guys RARELY pan out. Is it that the players can’t make the transition to the pros? Or, more likely in my opinion, is that the evaluation of the player before the draft was not looking at the correct metrics. No one can read or see the future, but it seems to me that scouts are missing the balance between obvious-talent and that chip-on-the-shoulder that drives guys to be their absolute best self.

  4. I would think that every team would be re-evaluating the team building process. The QB money is unsustainable and whereas it is the most important position it should not command 25% of the salary cap. The QB is only as good as the team around him and a dominant defense makes the elite QB’s average.

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