Patrick Peterson: Kyler Murray won’t sit and wait for Cardinals to put him in position to win

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals
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Patrick Peterson spent the first 10 years of his NFL career with the Cardinals, and he thinks the franchise has failed to do what it takes to win with quarterback Kyler Murray.

Peterson, who now plays in Minnesota but played with Murray in Arizona in 2019 and 2020, said he doesn’t think the Cardinals’ decision-makers have done a good enough job to build a winner, and that Murray is losing patience with them.

“I’ve been around K1,” Peterson told CBS Sports. “He’s a competitor. . . . And I feel like, no disrespect to the Arizona Cardinals, I feel like they don’t put the team in a position to be successful year after year after year. And Kyler Murray’s not gonna sit around and wait for that.”

Speaking on the same podcast, former Cardinals running back Chase Edmonds agreed.

“I just know, especially knowing how the last two years ended, meaning 2021 and 2020, and knowing the type of competitor that K1 is, and the type of winner that he wants to be,” Edmonds said. “I knew there was gonna be, at some point, some things happening.”

Reports have surfaced throughout the offseason that Murray and the Cardinals are not on the same page, and Murray is reportedly planning to skip all voluntary offseason work.

70 responses to “Patrick Peterson: Kyler Murray won’t sit and wait for Cardinals to put him in position to win

  1. When everything really counted (in last years playoff game), K1 couldn’t be counted on. An INT from the end zone that resulted in pick 6, come on. I think K1 may be waiting on himself.

  2. Here in Phoenix the mood is grim. Much hatred against the the team for refusing to negotiate with him. He is likely gone.

  3. By the time this petulant farce of his plays out Kyler Murray won’t have a single fan left in Arizona.

  4. I would agree the Cards have not put themselves in the best position to win. The first thing
    I would do is rid myself of a petulant whiner of a QB who always seems to blame others and never himself.

  5. I can understand wanting to win, every player in the league should want to win. This guy is acting like he’s Barry Sanders and has put the team on his shoulders for the past decade while the team did nothing to get better. Arizona has been very active in FA bringing in big name talent to help since Kyler came into the league. NFL is going to wind up turning into the NBA

  6. I agree with the players about the Cardinals personnel decisions but Murray is a mediocre QB who has proved nothing.
    K1??? He thinks more of himself and is not a team player but a ME player who should have played baseball.

  7. NFL players are going to start learning they’re not in the NBA soon, and I think Murray will be a lesson to all.

  8. Yeah, let’s act like he did so much in the playoffs with Deandro Hopkins, Christian Kirk and Zach Ertz. He saw more ghosts than Darnold against the Rams.

  9. When did he become anything more than a mediocre Quarterback? He hasn’t helped his team win yet expects THEM to help HIM? Delusional!

  10. Drafted by a team with hall of fame WR in Larry, and then they brought in a future hall of fame Wr in Hopkins. Poor Kyler, sounds pretty exhausting.

    He has better weapons on Offense then 20-25 teams in the NFL.

  11. Hehehe. All these team leaks critiquing Murray. Now the reverse. The fromt office is mediocre. Not making the effort it takes to build a winner. Hehehe

    Baker, take note of this strategy. You got pretty maligned by the front office.

  12. Don’t hide behind “put in a position to win” , just say he won’t play without more money. The Cardinals have been ridiculously active in giving Murray weapons. Hopkins, AJ Green, Zach Ertz, Rondale Moore, formerly Kirk, hood RBs, etc

  13. trading for the best receiver in the NFL isn’t trying to win now? What about signing a 3 time DPOY to help solidify the defense? Go play baseball.

  14. Before any finger pointing at the management, I would bring forward the injury to Hopkins, and Murray’s limitations as a QB. For example, how come Murray wasn’t able to establish any form of chemistry with A. J. Green. Reminds me of Mayfield with Beckham.

  15. Hmmm, that wasn’t “The Team” that got gut punched in the Wildcard, that was you, Kyler. So indicative of todays culture- it’s always someone else.

    Pay the man, Cardinals. He’ll be the stone around your neck for years to come.

  16. And I feel like, no disrespect to the Arizona Cardinals, I feel like they don’t put the team in a position to be successful year after year after year.


    When someone say’s “I don’t trying to be mean but …” they are going to say something mean, i feel Peterson is doing the same thing, saying something disrespectful but not wanting to get called out on it.

    I think the offensive scheme is failing everyone when they play against the better defenses but since that’s the head coach’s baby, that’s not going to change.

  17. A decision to skip team workouts seems counterintuitive when your goal is for the team to get better. Though, I guess, if memory serves, they had a winning record when Kyler was not playing.

  18. Murray is a more athletic Jay Cutler. He doesn’t deserve Mahomes, Wilson, or even the eventual Lamar Jackson contract. You’ve never, ever heard about either of those quarterbacks having work ethic issues. They paid Kingsbury, they haven’t paid Murray. That speaks volumes.

  19. There’s plenty of talent there. You have to play the whole season. Arizona only showed up for the first 10 weeks. That’s on the players and coaches.

  20. the cardinals were in a position to win last year, but failed (like 31 other teams) to do so. this is just a ploy to get out of arizona or get the next contract sooner than he should

  21. Murray was the first overall pick…he went to a bad team. The team has gotten better.

    But let’s not forget Murray hasn’t exactly been a great QB…the guy is completely avg.

  22. This sounds like a joke. You play the most important position, and You didn´t play it especially well. Now everyone else is responsible, because every one else was not good enough? Maybe some voluntary offseason work would help? And the solution is to damand more money and skip work with Your team? This “K1”-Guy is a major headcase.

  23. If that were true Murray would be saying wait to extend me and use the money to surround me with better players. Once he gets 40-50 mil per year there will be no money to add other great players. He’s in for a shock.

  24. The Michael Vick II eye candy play of Murray doesn’t equate to Ws all that much. Sure, he could get more Ws on a loaded team; anybody could. But there are precious few loaded teams. In this league it’s the QB plus a typically average supporting cast. The great ones make that work. He isn’t one of those.

  25. While the perspectives of those who have been in the lockerroom and trenches cannot be discounted, it appears that Kyler Murray has all the physical skills to be a great quarterback but not all of of the mental skills, Most specifically, the ability to navigate adversity without negativity and disappointment forcing him into a funk. On and off the field, he’s a beast when things are going his way and a baby when things aren’t.

  26. I re-read this article to make sure that I understood what I read.

    Green, Hopkins, Prater, Ertz, Watt, and many others didn’t help put the Cards in a position to win?

    Murray is the hand-picked perfect dream date of a coach who fantasized over him for years and who designed and implemented an offense specifically tailored for his skill set.

    The team’s overall record under his three years: 24-25-1 (includes play-off games and games not started).

    The team’s three-year record before the break 17-11-1; after the break 7-14 (includes play-off games and games not started).

    The team seems to have players in positioned enough to win games at the beginning of the season.

    Apparently, the Cards bench those players after the break, when crunch time of the season arrives, and elite-level quarterback play is crucial for making and advancing through the play-offs.

  27. “Put him in a position to win”. How about he puts the team in a position to win. He plays QB, which is, I am told, the most important position on offense. Has he done ANYTHING to lift his team the past few years? I’m not saying he’s terrible, but he doesn’t look great either.

  28. Murray played the worst in his biggest NFL game this far. How does he respond? Blame everyone else.

  29. “THEY DON’T PUT THE TEAM IN A POSITION TO WIN” … wish Peterson and Edmonds had given some concrete examples of how that’s happening …just saying what they are saying doesn’t mean much – would have enjoyed hearing how they could have done better. Also – just wondering if the Vikings have put Peterson into a position to win, seeing as how they missed the playoffs last season – AGAIN.

  30. The comments here show who actually watches football and who just wants to push narratives against players they personally don’t like. Multiple people mentioned Hopkins and the playoffs…except Hopkins was out for the season after Week 13. He didn’t play again. After that it was the Zack Ertz show. Christian Kirk is a #2 at best.

    Also those that put the wildcard loss solely on Kyler did not watch the game. The Rams defense absolutely eviscerated the Cardinals offensive line. That Cardinals roster is not a SB roster, they didn’t get passed the Rams and would not have beaten the Bengals if they somehow made it to the superbowl, which they wouldn’t have as they definitely could not make it past the 49ers.

  31. Lack of accountability is the problem . Kyler is a child that needs to grow up .He goes on pouting about his contract situation right after He failed miserably in his first playoff game and now its the organizations Fault for not surrounding Him with enough talent ? . Didn’t they trade for a top receiver in DHop to give him a true number one, drafted kirk ,brought in Hertz , drafted a bunch of receivers and brought in 2 new running back in Drake and Conner .Once they fail in 2022 they will get rid of the coach as the fall guy instead of realizing Kyler is the problem .

  32. cam180 says:
    April 21, 2022 at 7:44 am
    Before any finger pointing at the management, I would bring forward Murray’s limitations as a QB. For example, how come Murray wasn’t able to establish any form of chemistry with A. J. Green.

    Because A.J. has nothing left. Brady and AR wouldn’t be able to form any chemistry with this version of A.J.

  33. Plenty of talent around him but he choked big time when it mattered most. Instead of looking in the mirror and using this offseason to make himself a better player, he continues to whine and blame others which speaks to his character as much as his inability to be a good teammate. Me thinks this will never change and the Cards will be well served to cut their losses before they invest millions more into this young man.

  34. The Kyler haters do not understand who made the statements that are the subject of this article. Peterson and Edmunds are the ones saying that the Cardinals failed to support Kyler. You can disagree with them as you wish, it doesn’t change the fact that Kyler said none of those things. Kyler’s haters may also want to consider that players who have been part of the organization may actually know more than the haters do.

  35. Murray showed what a winner he was when he refused to go back in for the final minute of the last playoff game.

  36. They put together a good enough team to start 10-2 last season. They had wins over the Titans, Rams, and 49ers twice. They did lose to the Packers when…you guessed it…Kyler threw an awful INT in the end zone to lose the game.

  37. So going out and trading for a top-3 WR in the league and working to keep a future HOFer at the position, getting Watt, all these things are not trying to win?

    Murray has weapons. Murray’s just not getting the job done. If he thinks that’s on someone else, then that’s a big part of the problem in AZ.

  38. I don’t know much..

    But I know that Kyler and the Cardinals will never win anything meaningful.


  39. Here’s some milk and cookies Kyler. Try playing better and maybe you’ll start giving your team more opportunities to win

  40. There are a lot of QBs who’d love to work with the roster the Cards have had on both sides of the ball.

    Kyler’s history is a lot of stats but he himself coming up small when the chips are down. If anyone’s holding him back from success, it’s him. He should worry more about showing his own greatness than waiting for someone to hand him success.

  41. Haven’t they gotten better each year? Didn’t they make it to the playoffs in which Kyler fell flat on his face.

  42. “I just know, especially knowing how the last two years ended, meaning 2021 and 2020, and knowing the type of competitor that K1 is, and the type of winner that he wants to be,” Edmonds said. “I knew there was gonna be, at some point, some things happening.”

    That exact same statement could have been said by the Cardinals management.
    ….except maybe the part about what type of winner he wants to be.

  43. The cards are one of those teams whose fortunes rise and fall, and they never quite get there. Murray is about to go into his fourth season, and the team got to the playoffs last year. HIS play in that game wasn’t great. I’ve said it many times – that pick 6 from the end zone was one of the worst plays in NFL history. It was a monumentally awful decision by the QB.

    We’re a week away from the draft, which is the main opportunity for teams to improve every year. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle of building a consistent, winning team. The idea that Murray is all set and the rest of the team is somehow behind his standards is ridiculous.

    So Murray’s message to his teammates is “you’re not good enough for me”?

    Is this leadership? Is this making your teammates better? Is this inspiring those around you? Also: this may be obvious, but if Murray is frustrated with the Cards, why is he so eager to get a new contract? A contract that would keep him with the team for more years.

  44. After his putrid playoff performance….I’m not sure Kyler is in any position to point fingers.

  45. All I remember is that K1 and Russell Wilson were togrther in the Pro Bowl during the time Wilson was working to get traded to Denver. The day after the Pro Bowl, K1 stripped the Cardinals from his social media accounts. BTW Wilson also contacted other players to join him in Denver during the time he was saying publicly he wanted to stay with the Seahawks.

  46. It’s the LEBRON effect. If you don’t like your situation, just complain so they get rid of you.

    Lebron has ruined sports.

  47. Again another diva player who throws a tantrum when they do t get what they feel they are entitled to, problematic word is entitled. K1??? That says it all he wants to be a brand not a player, wants the hype, wins, attention, and $, will talk a good game but doesn’t deliver and when the going gets tough you see their true colors and they run away. Go try to play major league baseball like he should have done, now that ship has sailed and ppl don’t realize it, tou don’t just go back to playing high level anything especially a sport like baseball and major league players wouldn’t take his attitude.

  48. One of the best things my Cardinals did was to let Pat P leave as a free agent. He way overvalued himself after his skills (and effort) had a huge dropoff. As for “K1,” he hasn’t earned the mega-contract he seeks. If its all about winning, then he should be demanding the Cardinals sign certain free agents, not a bigger contract.

  49. The sooner Kayla is a former player, the better. He’s a snowflake through and through and now being a nellie whiner on top of that.

  50. Real and productive QB’s rise up when their players go down; injuries are not indicative of a TEAM’S lack of commitment – things happen. Over in Baltimore, they lost so many people and yet they managed to win games with a QB you couldn’t get in a Kracker Jack box and with running backs no one wanted. Kayla is a spoiled brat who needs to grow up. The problem is he is showing 31 teams all the reasons not to want him. The only person impressed with his assessment is himself. And he’s in for a rude awakening. All he needs to do is to look at what happens when an offensive line wants you gone – in the preseason of Washington’s Great Gimmick, the offensive line started to suddenly miss blocks and the Great Gimmick was no more. It was obvious that this was not an accident as suddenly the mediocre team they were playing against (I think it was Detroit) looked like the second coming of Mean Joe Green and his band of enforcers. Repeatedly the offensive line missed blocks. Repeatedly the Great Gimmick fell to the turf. It was a thing of beauty.

  51. Say what you want about Murray…

    But this sounds more like sour grapes from Patrick Peterson, because after a decade of playing for the Cardinals and making it to the NFC Championship game..

    ( A game that was doomed by HIS OWN FUMBLE on a punt return)

    They decided not to pay Patrick for his Olay falling off…of which it has…

    They Traded for Hop, They signed Watt, They traded for Ertz, they signed Green..and they traded for Hudson…

    Sure they didn’t do much this… but are going to be like 100 million under the cap next season.

    He had a good roster to win with. Still does.

  52. This is some ignorant crap. They have put a good team and a very good WR group on the field with him. The line is good the D is good and the RB’s are good enough. Maybe he should step it up a little himself. He has already proven that when he can’t run he has trouble as a true QB. What he is showing to be is a spoiled child.

  53. Murray and others get a bad rap…

    But to be honest.. Many QBs are like him.

    Aaron Rodgers gets a pass because he won a Super Bowl…but… that was TWELVE years ago.

    Kyler Murray was in Middle School when Aaron Rodgers won a super bowl..

    And despite the MVPs… I can’t think of a guy who has done Less with so much S Aaron Rodgers…

    Rodgers can’t even get to another Super Bowl, let alone lose one… and has repeatedly flamed out in the post season with higher ranked teams.

  54. He can get paid like his buddy Russ and never will be in a position to win. It looks like Russ’s legacy is to change the NFL into the NBA where a few players get maximum contracts, make all the decisions and decide where they will play hoping the build Globetrotter-esque super teams so they can beat on the chest how great they are when they beat a very bad “Washington Gerneral”-esque team. But when it fails then throw everybody under the bus, especially the coach who really is not the coach because superstar players are actually the coach (cough, cough a certain LA team) then force a move to a different team…there is reason why nobody watches the NBA anymore.

  55. Consider the source, diva PP, enough said. Seems like he’s projecting, and last I checked, that diva has sign two one-year deals in a row.

  56. Average QBs like Murray always blame others for their own inadequacies. KM is way way over rated.

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