Brett Veach: Hard to replicate Tyreek Hill, but people forget how good Andy Reid is

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A report this week indicated the Chiefs are unlikely to make a major trade for a receiver to help fill the void left behind by the departure of Tyreek Hill and General Manager Brett Veach’s Friday press conference offered little reason to think that’s incorrect.

Veach said that “every team would” like to have a player like Hill in their receiving corps, but that he believes the Chiefs have a flexible offense that can reshape itself without making the kind of swings it would take to bring in another big-name receiver.

Part of the reason for that is quarterback Patrick Mahomes and part of it is the presence of head coach Andy Reid.

“On one end it’s very hard to replicate a talent like Tyreek Hill,” Veach said, via Adam Teicher of “But I also think there’s a mindset or idea forgetting how good a coach Andy Reid is. He’s won with all types of quarterback and all different types of offensive schemes. Our staff is very dynamic and, look, we had Tyreek Hill and we were able to implement a lot of RPO stuff and a lot of vertical attack stuff but it doesn’t mean when you have a talent like Pat Mahomes and a Hall of Fame coach like Andy that you can’t rewire and retweak your offense and how you do things. There are multiple ways we scored points over the years.”

Mahomes said this week that he thinks the changes to the receiving corps bring the team more size and versatility than they had in past seasons. Veach can add to that group in next week’s draft and feel good about Reid’s history of coming up with the right offensive approach to suit the personnel he has on hand.

12 responses to “Brett Veach: Hard to replicate Tyreek Hill, but people forget how good Andy Reid is

  1. Reid’s a great coach, but there is no coach who can teach the talent and instinct that Hill has demonstrated during his career.

  2. Hill has pure speed, but don’t get it twisted – KC still has a very dangerous receiving roster with Juju, Hardman, Valdes-Scantling, and don’t forget Kelce. Can’t double them all.

  3. Can’t reproduce that speed but that speed doesn’t last forever. It was easily the right move. Sell high here. WRs in about 2 years won’t be viewed the same.

  4. Mahomes and his continuous late season injuries has also not performed without Hill.

    Kelce is old.


  5. Bottom line is Mahomes makes everyone around him better. Look at the players who played with Alex Smith then with Mahomes. No offense to Alex.

  6. Maybe Andy can get something out of Desean Jackson, still a legitimate vertical threat. Just can’t stay healthy

  7. The chiefs now have 12 picks in this draft including 2 first rounders. Tyreek’s contract was expiring next year and he could have walked and the Chiefs got zero. Like Parcells said it’s better to part with a player a year too soon than a year too late. Everyone (Tyreek Hill and the Chiefs) came out winners

  8. Players like Tyreek Hill made Andy Reid, just like Terrel Owens did back in the day. The only reason why the eagles won 5 conference games and even made it to the super bowl.

  9. I like the 2 guys they signed but they are not replacements for Hill. They have picks; go get an edge rusher in the draft. You can’t replace a unicorn like TH, in the draft or otherwise so don’t try. On the other hand, KC must get Patrick a no doubt about it dominating WR1. Even tho this is thought of as being a deep WR draft, it is still a crapshoot; miss and you scramble for years trying to undo that damage(plus whoever you pick must be coached up).
    Brett Veach-draft the best edge rusher you can and go get DK Metcalf. He is definitely going to be traded; why would Seattle keep him with no QB1? Metcalf will lose his mind with Mahomes throwing to him.

  10. “When you have a talent like Pat Mahomes and a Hall of Fame coach like Andy that you can’t rewire and retweak your offense and how you do things.” Now tell us all about that offensive line tweak in the SB. Oh, that’s right. It didn’t happen.

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