Chiefs are a “long shot” to trade for big name receiver like Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs
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If you’re thinking about making a bet on the next destination of 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel being Kansas City, think again.

Jeffri Chadiha of reports that the Chiefs aren’t likely to make a move for Samuel or other big-name receivers believes to potentially be available in trade — DK Metcalf, A.J. Brown, and Terry McLaurin. Per Chadiha, each of those options “are probably all long shots at this point.”

The Chiefs, thanks to the Tyreek Hill trade, have a pair of first-round picks in the 2022 draft. However, they have signed JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. Also, they traded Hill because they didn’t want to make a gigantic financial investment in a veteran receiver. They’d surely have to do that with Samuel, Metcalf, Brown, or McLaurin.

But a “long shot” isn’t an impossibility. Circumstances apparently could change. For now, though, the Chiefs seem to be willing to go forward with what they have — and possibly to address the receiver position in the draft.

8 responses to “Chiefs are a “long shot” to trade for big name receiver like Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, A.J. Brown, Terry McLaurin

  1. Why would the chiefs let Hill go because they couldn’t afford him, just to trade for another receiver who wants to be the “highest paid nonquarterback in the league”? Oh, and you gotta give up a some primo draft picks to do it. Who suggested this in the first place?

  2. The Chiefs have salary cap issues. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be content to use one of their top picks on a receiver in a good receiver draft class.

    They could trot out a first round pick, MVS, and JJSS as their top three alongside Kelce and have Mahomes well-protected behind their revamped offensive line. That sounds potentially formidable for years.

  3. It’s a QB league. The Chiefs have been contenders since they got Mahomes. That will continue as long as he’s there.

  4. I’d rather use the draft Capitol on cheap rookies then get tied to an overpaid receiver.

  5. “The Chiefs have salary cap issues”

    Actually the Chiefs are much better off than 2/3 of the league. They just weren’t gonna pay a WR quarterback money when he touches the ball maybe 13/14 times a game.

  6. Well of course. They just traded away one better than any that are available. Why undo all that for a downgrade. It was dumb to think they traded Tyreek Hill just to trade back those picks and give out a huge contract to who? Deebo Samuel? Lol yeah right.

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