George Paton: Broncos in good draft shape with five picks in first four rounds

Russell Wilson
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Denver General Manager George Paton used his first-round pick and his second-round pick to trade for quarterback Russell Wilson, but he still expects to make the Broncos better in the draft next week.

Paton said the Broncos’ overall draft capital is strong, thanks to trades to acquire other picks.

“Contrary to popular belief, we do have nine picks,” Paton said. “Five in the first four rounds. So I think we’re in a really good spot. I think there’s going to be value in those rounds. I think we can upgrade our team, upgrade our depth, upgrade our speed. Everything we need to do, we’re fortunate. In free agency we filled a lot of needs, and throughout our offseason, so we don’t need to reach for players.”

Paton said the Broncos could move up, although not into the first round, as their highest pick is the Rams’ second-rounder, No. 64 overall, and he doesn’t think they have the draft capital to move into the Top 32. Still, Paton thinks he’s going to get some good players next week to be Russell Wilson’s teammate.

3 responses to “George Paton: Broncos in good draft shape with five picks in first four rounds

  1. The draft experts are saying that this draft doesn’t have many high-end players but is loaded with solid players in Rounds 2-4. The Broncos should be able to come out of this draft pretty well with those picks.

  2. They are going to have to capitalize on all of those picks. There aren’t a lot of teams that are scared of playing Denver this year.

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