Jaguars say no team has called them about trading up to the No. 1 overall pick

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Without a highly touted franchise quarterback, the top pick in the 2022 NFL draft doesn’t have much value.

So it’s no surprise that Jacksonville General Manager Trent Baalke said today that the Jaguars haven’t received a single phone call from a team wanting to trade for the top pick.

“Nobody has called directly,” Baalke said.

If the Jaguars want to trade down and pick up some extra picks, Baalke can call around and find out what he can get. But he’d have to take significantly less than teams have usually received when trading down from No. 1 overall.

Virtually every mock draft has the Jaguars taking either Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson or Georgia defensive end Travon Walker first overall.

20 responses to “Jaguars say no team has called them about trading up to the No. 1 overall pick

  1. No one wants the cost it takes to get number 1 pick. There is a lot of depth at pass rusher that will be used on that pick. Make the pick and live with it, don’t trick it.

  2. Makes sense. There doesn’t appear to be a “can’t-miss” prospect worth moving up for.

  3. Leave it to Baalke to put the other teams on notice that no one else is interested so they can lowball to get the top pick.

  4. Why would they? There aren’t any players in this draft worth surrendering that amount of capital for.

  5. Not a great a draft most of the players, especially the QB’s, would have a hard time getting a 1st round draft grade in most other years. So why trade up for a far more riskier pick in the 1st round; the kind of trades that get GM’s and coaches canned when the player is a bust. In a normal year it is already a 50% bust rate for 1st rounders.

  6. Especially since Detroit won’t take an offensive lineman and Jacksonville very well may. So the only trade value would be a left tackle you’re in love with. Could easily be a LT run at 3-5

  7. Teams know Baalke will make a dumb pick, so they can get #2 or #3 cheaper and still get their guy.

  8. Interesting that this year having the number one pick is more of a liability than a bonus.

  9. There will be a few sleepers in this draft who don’t go in the first round but turn out to be pro bowlers. That’s what will make this draft interesting a couple years down the road.

  10. I don’t think you’ll see any teams making a move up until pick 5.
    It’s usually a team desperate for a QB that move up. And that’s the probability this draft too. Some team will jump over Carolina who has publicly stated they want a QB in this draft. New Orleans is my guess but there are others needing QB help.

  11. If they take Walker they will be disappointed. Frankly they should be taking a LT. The only way we will ever find out if Trevor is an elite QB is if the Jags can protect him.

  12. It’s not that there aren’t any franchise QB’s in this draft class. It’s more that teams have trouble evaluating QB’s. We’ve seen enough guys get picked #1 overall that have become total busts, and we’ve all seen guys like Brady and Montana get passed over numerous times by every team. It’s one thing to miss on a guy like Kurt Warner, who played at a small school, but Joe Montana won the national championship at Notre Dame, and Drew Brees shattered all the Big Ten passing records, and they still passed these guys up. It’s pretty obvious that teams don’t understand how to evaluate a QB and what makes a QB great. Here’s a hint: It’s between the ears. Yet you still hear about scouts measuring hand size. And these guys are actually getting paid for these evaluations.

  13. It’s too bad for the Jags there isn’t a consensus #1. They could really benefit from trading down. Let’s face it, they have more holes on this team than swiss cheese. Whatever happens they really need to take a LT early. If they could trade down and get more picks they should use all of them on that OL. They have ignored it for years. It doesn’t make sense to draft Lawrence #1 then a RB with their second pick in the first round when your offensive line can’t block a college team.

    Whatever happens you can be sure Baalke will make the dumbest pick possible. Maybe they’ll take a punter at #1. After all, he gets the ball more than their WRs.

  14. It’s never a sexy pick, but they should draft O-line. The best OT in the draft will serve their most important player much better than a pass rusher. Hopefully you get a good one and he’s your OL anchor for 15 years.

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