Report: Giants trying to trade Kadarius Toney

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants
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The Giants are trying to trade receiver Kadarius Toney, Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News reports.

The team has made calls to see what they can get for the 2021 first-round choice, per Leonard.

Toney has opted not to take part in the team’s voluntary offseason program under new coach Brian Daboll, which could serve as the last straw for the Giants.

According to Leonard, “There was some internal momentum for bailing on Toney during his tumultuous rookie season a year ago. His commitment came into question behind the scenes during his rookie year due to lack of playbook study, poor meeting behavior and frequent injuries.”

Toney had foot issues that limited his work in the spring after a late start due to a delay in signing his contract. He then dealt with COVID-19 and a hamstring injury during training camp. Toney expressed frustration with a limited role early in the regular season before missing six of the final seven games with another bout of COVID, an oblique injury and a shoulder injury.

He was ejected from a loss to the Cowboys for throwing a punch.

It added up to a disappointing and frustrating rookie season for both the wideout and the team.

Toney, 23, made 39 catches for 420 yards and no touchdowns last season.

68 responses to “Report: Giants trying to trade Kadarius Toney

  1. He was ejected from a loss to the Cowboys for throwing a punch.
    I remember him doing it against the Saints, did he do it against the Cowboys too? Wide receivers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them smh

  2. Schoen taking a page out of Beane’s playbook. Beane shipped off Sammy Watkins, and Ronald Darby when he got to buffalo.

  3. NYG wanted Devonta Smith who the Eagles moved up to get so they moved up to take Toney and now a year later want to trade him and doubt they get a 1st back for him. Way to go NYG.

  4. It should be taken with a grain of salt when teams say they’ve done “due diligence” on a player.

  5. I thought he was going to be a ROY contender based on his tape. Figured he was gonna be sweet

  6. Mr. Toney,
    The USFL is on line one. XFL on line 2. And your agent just faxed his resignation.

  7. Wasted talent, if the kid could get it together mentally he could be a star, but you feel that’s a long shot at best.

  8. So much talent. He has explosiveness like very few in the the league do. I’m guessing with the head space he’s in, he’ll max out at tavon Austin.

  9. The ultimate red flag should have been that Urban wanted to draft him. You know, Urban Meyer, the expert judge of character. Too bad though the kid is electric on the field.

  10. So tired of all these diva WRs these days. Teams should just start using 5 TE sets.

  11. His skillset reminds me of deebo samuel a little bit he needs to go to a team that will use him like that..if deebo leaves 49ers mybe toney can go there or mybe the Falcons to reunite with his former teammate Kyle pitts but idk what get much of a return on the draft pick they used on him

  12. For some reason hes giving me vibes of corey Coleman a wr my team took in the 1st

  13. Welcome to Green Bay young man. Some would say that’s punishment enough but trust me it’s a great place to play ball.

  14. I would FIRE EVERY scout and decision maker who was in that draft room!…oh they did that

  15. At least he has shown his true nature in his first year. Anyone signing him will only have themselves to blame. Already a cheap “prove it” commodity.

  16. Someone will pony up a 5th or 6th rounder for him. I could see the Chiefs getting him in hopes of replacing Hill. (To a very small extent.)

  17. Send him to the Steelers for a ham sandwich and he’ll turn into an All-Pro!

  18. Making an entitled, spoiled brat a millionaire…You would think, the NFL would have speakers at the rookie symposium who speak of prior experiences of squandering away a wonderful opportunity. Each situation is different. I’m assuming many players life’s goal is to get drafted into the NFL, and get that big paycheck. Dumb to bite the hand that feeds you, when you’re cashing that big check. Maybe he can come speak at the rookie symposium in 7 years.

  19. pretty obvious the reporter was given the dirt by the team. who else would have the info on meetings, and playbook knowledge?

    what team bails on their first round pick in the middle of the rookie year, as this report implies? sorry this is more a story about the giants and their administration more than this particular knucklehead player….

  20. How did they not notice this in the pre-draft process???? Wow, it takes a LOT to drop a 1st rounder after less than a year. Holy smokes!

  21. Kadarius Toney is the most shot-out looking 23 year old I have ever seen. Those are all city miles…

  22. This says a lot about how the Giants feel about KT, they haven’t even gotten him into the building with the new coaching staff yet and they already want him gone. With all this negative chatter about last year they aren’t going to get much of anything for him. I’d prefer they let him report and see if they can get his head right – Daboll and Schoen have seemed to lighten the whole team’s demeanor and loosened the reins from the prior staff, so would rather see if Daboll can get him to buy in before letting him go for nothing.

  23. At this stage the Giants would be LUCKY to get a 6th, conditional 5th. I’m not sure if the scouting department is the same under Daboll but whomever made the call last year to draft him in the first round should be jobless right now.

  24. Toney for Mimms would make sense. But, if Toney cannot learn the Giants playbook he is unlikely to work well with LaFleur who requires receivers to know all 3 roles and run precise routes.

  25. These young men have all the skill and talent but lack maturity… you can’t coach that into them. This young man needs to grow up and earn his next team’s trust and respect.

  26. He feels based on the fact he identifies as Tyreek Hill he is owed the same contact and he is holding out until his contract is renegotiated.

  27. How can anyone say that the Giants lost by trading back and getting him is a bit of a stretch because they picked up one of their top ten picks in this years draft with that trade

  28. As soon as he decided he didn’t need to show up for this camp he was gone. Out of the league in 2 years; million $$ speed-10 cent head.

  29. What team would ever want this headache? why do some young players who get drafted high and get their millions in the bank suddenly think they are above the team and know everything they need to know to become successful in the NFL.not putting 100% study into the playbook is a sure way to not see the field,you cannot be trusted by your team.stupid.

  30. “Welcome to Green Bay young man. Some would say that’s punishment enough but trust me it’s a great place to play ball.” The Packers offensive playbook is way too complex for this dummy to learn it.thay already have a headache in Aaron Rodgers,why would they add another one.

  31. The guy is a complete turd and was a terrible pick for a teen desperate for offensive line and passrush help. I would trade him for another medium Pepsi however I do not see how a team trying to clear cap Space to sign their draft class can afford a nearly $3 million dead cap hit. . I believe they are stuck with him for at least another year.

  32. He plays for the NY Giants with Daniel Jones as QB. That is enough to make anyone not want to be in the building.

  33. Wow! I’m shocked. I thought the new coach was gonna unleash his potential. He looked explosive to me.

    Kansas City could make this guy a superstar.

  34. They should trade him to the Eagles for Jalen Reagor. Both 1st rnd WR busts on their respective teams. I know it’s within the division but these guys both need a change before they are out of the league.

  35. There is NO way that the stuff he’s pulling now wasn’t at least hinted at in college or in his past. The Giants have two upcoming first rounders and my goodness, I hope they don’t screw this up!

  36. Every team should have a veto guy at the draft table that stops their team before they make a stupid mistake. My goodness pick up any draft guide from last year and you saw the flags all over this guy. Never spend a first rounder on this kind of character.

  37. Watch his college tape. His skillset doesn’t translate well to the pro’s. Most of his yardage was being allusive after short routes. Most of his long balls came against inferior competition.

    He can be a solid gadget player, but def wasn’t worthy of a first round pick.

  38. Given his rookie season miscues, doubt the Giants will get much. Could be a bargain if he figures things out, but that’s a 1 in 5 chance.

  39. Giants fans can expect a lot more
    The first thing McDermott did when he got to Buffalo was trade all of the talented players that weren’t buying in to the culture.
    Addition by Subtraction

  40. When stuff gets ugly and it becomes public, it generally kills a player’s trade value. I don’t know why anyone would give anything for KT, other than maybe a 6th or 7th.

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