Stephen Jones doesn’t rule out potential Cowboys interest in Deebo Samuel

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Whenever a coach or executive of any team is asked about a player under contract with another team, the safest response is this: “We can’t talk about players under contract with another team.”

Via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News, Cowboys executive Stephen Jones did not remain in that safe harbor when asked about potential interest in 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel during an appearance on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

We’re always looking to get better,” Jones said. “Obviously, you keep your eye on anything and everything that’s going on. Certainly, things have to fit in and work, but we’re always looking at where we . . . can get better.”

That’s hardly a sign that the Cowboys will make the move. Apart from the draft capital it would take to get Samuel, he’ll need to be paid. A lot. The Cowboy recently dumped Amari Cooper‘s $20 million salary. Could they afford Samuel, especially with CeeDee Lamb one season away from a major upgrade in his own contract?

It’s doubtful. But we’ll see whether the Cowboys try to make a move for Samuel.

Other factors include whether the 49ers would trade him at all, whether they would trade him to the Cowboys, and whether Samuel would want to be traded to the Cowboys. Earlier this week, he liked (before un-liking) a tweet containing an image of Samuel in a Dallas uniform.

11 responses to “Stephen Jones doesn’t rule out potential Cowboys interest in Deebo Samuel

  1. There is no way niners are trading Deebo to cowboys. Just won’t happen. Same for packers, bucs, rams and chiefs.

  2. If Deebo gets traded it will be to a career ending team. The J-E-T-S or Lions.

  3. Swap Samuel for Lamb. Lamb isn’t a number 1 receiver. He just seems like his head is in the clouds and drops too many passes.

  4. The Boys never know how to do the correct thing. Look who the GM is. When they’re losing America is winning.

  5. Whoever signs him is going to have to deal with him. Today he wants to change teams. Tomorrow he might want a change from his new team. I want. I want. I want. This isn’t necessarily the kind of personality I’d want in my locker room. A WR spends less than an hour a week on the field on game day. He does that 17 times. That’s less than 17 hours per year. He spends countless hours in the locker room, in meetings, on flights, at practice. I really wouldn’t want a guy with this kind of attitude. I have a feeling he’s going to be one of those guys that seem to have a different uniform on every year. Coaches watch tape and sign them. Then they deal with them for a year and release them. If Deebo is like this before he signs his second contract, he’s probably going to be much worse after he gets the big money. Amari Cooper is an example. Sammy Watkins. Brandon Cooks. Jared Cook. Talented guys on a highlight tape. Not team oriented guys.

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