“Zero doubt” Tom Brady would have been approved as a minority owner of the Dolphins

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In response to our report (and the reporting of others) that Tom Brady was poised to become a minority owner of the Dolphins until the Brian Flores lawsuit pulled the plug on the possibility, it has been pointed out that at least 24 owners would have had to approve the sale of a slice of the Dolphins to Brady.

Of course approval of the league would have been required. It always is in situations like this. And as a league source with intimate knowledge of the dynamics of the process tells PFT, there is “zero doubt” Brady would have been approved.

First, it’s Tom Freaking Brady. The greatest player in league history. He’s going to buy a piece of the Dolphins, and nine or more owners are going to tell him no? Sure, Jan.

Second, and as the source explained it, below a certain level these sales of slivers of franchises to minority owners are rubber stamped by the NFL’s finance committee and, in turn, easily passed by ownership.

Concerns have been expressed that the financial gains arising from an ownership stake would be regarded as a circumvention of the salary cap. Hogwash. It’s apples and oranges. As long as the player (and in Brady’s case he was retired, until he wasn’t) pays fair value for the percentage of the team he would have been buying, there’s no cap issue if/when the equity appreciates in value.

That said, we get it. Some reporters missed the boat on reporting the Brady connection to the Dolphins. Instead of ignoring it completely (as plenty are), others are looking for ways to knock it down.

To them we say this: Keep trying. Brady was indeed poised to buy a slice of the Dolphins after he retired from the Buccaneers, and the transaction would have been approved.

9 responses to ““Zero doubt” Tom Brady would have been approved as a minority owner of the Dolphins

  1. So…was Brady going to be an owner of the Fins or the QB. He couldn’t do both.

  2. Brady will be the Majority owner of hte Dolphins within 15 years.. as a Dolphins fan.. no idea how I feel about that

  3. Not seeing any evidence this was ever in the works just a source saying if it had they think Brady would have been approved. Doesn’t mean anything.

  4. Strange man. Very strange man.

    NoCal guy wants to own a team of a rival division franchise.

    Is there are a more pathetic Boston sports legend other than Brady and Clemens?

  5. Miami fans acting like their team has been relevant for the past few decades. Is funny.

    Brady is a proven winner. Even as a minority owner, he would become a leading face of that franchise.

    Brady owns them as a player and would then own them. So funny.

  6. Before TB12 how relevant were the Patriots? Not really at all is the answer. Brady in his prime had a 24-12 record against the Fins who’s QB after Marino was nobody.

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