With no injury to rehab, Dak Prescott “working on my whole body” this offseason

NFL: JAN 16 NFC Wild Card - 49ers at Cowboys
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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had to focus on rehabbing his fractured right ankle last offseason, so other parts of his preparation for the season were on the back burner throughout the spring.

Prescott’s ankle isn’t an issue any longer, however, and Prescott said that has led to a “completely different” feeling as he works at the team’s facility this offseason. Prescott said he’s “pumped up” about how his leg is feeling and that his surgically repaired left shoulder is also doing great, which has allowed him to widen his focus as he prepares for next season.

“I’m not rehabbing one thing. I’m working on my whole body,” Prescott said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.com. “From my foot speed, it’s not just putting this down. Now it’s, ‘Can I get this thing faster than they’ve ever been?’ It’s about improving on the person and player I was before the injury now and being the best player I can be for this organization.”

Prescott dealt with right shoulder and calf injuries after returning to action last year and the best-case scenario for the Cowboys this year would be for the offseason good health to carry all the way through the Cowboys’ final game.

16 responses to “With no injury to rehab, Dak Prescott “working on my whole body” this offseason

  1. Prescott can talk about himself all he likes. He’s a mediocre Wb and comes up small in the playoffs. He is a threat to no one

  2. He has a lot of extra time to rehab his whole body thanks to the home gane wild card round playoff loss to the Niners. Shrewd.

  3. It doesn’t matter if your 9-8 or 17-0
    If you don’t win the super bowl then your team isn’t any better.
    Prove me wrong. One goal, your either the World Champions or
    Nothing. There is no second place.
    So Cowboy haters …. Your team is NO better PERIOD!

  4. So…he’s had six seasons as a starter. One of those years, he dealt with injuries. His best season was his rookie year. What happened with the other four? Hell, Neil O’Donnell got to the super bowl.

  5. Eh, I’m done with him. he didn’t live up to his contract nor did I expect him to. They can cut the whole team except for Micah for all I care and just start over. They ain’t winning anything this next season.

  6. Does that include better decision-making. Especially when it pertains to clock management

  7. Maybe he should focus on audibling out of QB draws with less than 15 seconds left and the season on the line…or at the very least, focus on knowing who to give the ball to after every play

  8. working on his body is the least of his concerns. what has that got to do with beating good football teams, consistently??

  9. All this really means is he and the cowboys are out of excuses for under performing!

  10. 3 years and counting since his one and only playoff win. Amazing what’s worth $160 million these days.

  11. Does it matter what he does? The Cowboys aren’t going beyond wild card this upcoming season….at best

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