Chiefs not optimistic they’ll have a first-round grade on any players available at 29 and 30

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The Chiefs own the 29th and 30th picks in Thursday night’s draft, but they’re not optimistic that a player with a first-round grade will still be available.

Chiefs General Manager Brett Veach said the team has about 16 to 18 players with first-round grades, and it’s likely they’ll all be off the board when the Chiefs are on the clock.

“The odds of maybe one of those guys falling isn’t great,” Veach said, via the Kansas City Star.

The Chiefs also have the 50th and 62nd picks, and Veach said there’s a lot of talent in that range.

“When you look at value in this draft, 30-60 is really good,” Veach said. “We were able to get Nick Bolton and Creed Humphrey last year. I think there will be value similar to that. There were will be really good players in that second and third round.”

The Chiefs may decide to trade down from the first round if they can acquire additional picks in the process. The value in this draft is in its depth.

26 responses to “Chiefs not optimistic they’ll have a first-round grade on any players available at 29 and 30

  1. All the more reason to trade them both to SF for Deebo. He can help them win another Super Bowl. Picks 29 & 30 are question marks. Unless they really aren’t interested in being the reigning SB champs when they host the draft next year. This is a no brainer!

  2. There’s always teams looking to trade up or back. Just gotta find the right deal.

  3. 49ersfaithfulorg says:

    April 24, 2022 at 5:15 am

    All the more reason to trade them both to SF for Deebo. He can help them win another Super Bowl. Picks 29 & 30 are question marks. Unless they really aren’t interested in being the reigning SB champs when they host the draft next year. This is a no brainer!
    Your right, that did take no brain 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Deebo isnt going to net 2 1st round picks. It also doesnt make sense for the chiefs to give up those picks and a huge contract to deebo. It’s not flashy but with MVS, Juju and Hardman at wr and Kelce at TE they can be more than fine with Mahomes being their qb if a rookie isnt ready right away.

  4. As a fan of one of the teams without a 1st round pick this year, I’m not as upset about that as I would have been in a year where the top of the 1st is stacked with talent at critical positions. IMO 2nd round is the place to be with multiple picks this year. Some teams in the 1st are going to overdraft guys based on need which will push some guys with 1st round grades down to the 2nd where they will either be great value or more in line with where they should have been in the first place. Plus I’ll have my Thursday night free and don’t have to stress about our GM blowing the 1st round pick.

  5. I wouldn’t mind the chiefs trading up for a edge rusher, but to me that is the only position that warrants that move, everything else can wait until round 2 or 3

  6. Obviously they are actively advertising to trade down as they are in a premium spots for somebody looking to jump up into the first round looking to lock a coveted player for a fifth year option. Or they could package and move up. Either way they are looking to move and not afraid to advertise widely

  7. Trade the late 1st rounders for mid 2nd and 3rd rounders. Have 3-4 2nd rounders and 3-4 3rd rounders.

  8. If your team has first round grades on only 18 players when there are 32 picks in the first round, it means your team has an inflated idea of what first round means. There may be a top tier of 18 players, but that is far different than a first round grade.

  9. The Chiefs have holes on offence and defence that could be filled by drafting players that don’t have a ‘first round grade.’
    You’re never going to have a team filled exclusively with round one talent, so you’re better off drafting whomever can to improve your roster. KC has two picks in each of the first four rounds, so they already have an abundance of selections that should paper over their deficiencies if they hit on even half of those.
    Great teams are made by a collection of average to very good players, not just a smattering of elite ones.

  10. Most teams are going to want to trade back. If they are smart that is.

    The Chiefs usually blow value in that range anyway, so this won’t be a difference from the norm.

    KCs best draft picks on the roster are few. It’s Mahomes, Kelce and Jones. The rest are imports. Brutal.

  11. If the Chiefs love the second round talent so much, just assume you have the first and second picks in the second round and draft away! You will have your pick of all “35” second round selections.

  12. Are there really any drafts that produce 29+ players with consensus 1st round grades? Id figure that drafts that actually do are very rare. Its not a surprise that KC doesnt think a 1st round worthy player will last till 29. There are GM’s drafting in the low to mid 20’s who are probably saying the same thing.

  13. When you pay your QB all the money you have, you cannot pay first round draft picks anyway so trade back.

  14. They literally drafted 3 guys last year that were impact starters. With creed getting all pro status and was in the running for oroy. Bolton should have been in the running for droy imo.

    I would like them to trade up and grab a difference making edge, or staying pat and grab an edge at 29 and a corner or wr at 30. Plenty of options with plenty of picks

  15. Gotta love all the homers on here down voting the Deebo trade suggestion. First off, 29 and 30 equal one first round spot at 10, which the Jets are already offering. Secondly, you seem to be ignoring that Russell Wilson and Devante Adams are now in your division. At least Deebo gives you a proven chance. Oh and you lost some guy named Hill. Wake up KC if you even want to win your division. Or ride all your question mark picks to second or third place.

  16. By most accounts had one of the best drafts last year of any team. So to say they are terrible at drafting is just completely absurd.

  17. They already have 2 picks in each of the first, second, third, and fourth rounds…I say use those picks they have, they can fill the holes with the best players available. They have enough picks already.

    If a guy like Dotson gets to them, I say take him even if you grade him out a little lower

  18. So they traded Hill for a first round pick that they equate to a second round value?

  19. For all the homegrown Gms slow your Debo roll. You would have made the Hill extension work if you were going to spend $28 million a year on a receiver

  20. Making excuses for what will be the impossible, replacing Hill.
    Raiders will crush them this year.

  21. KC offered Hill good money. He wanted top money or wasn’t going to play. They got a great return for him and replaced him with two steady wr’s. Now they can spend what they could’ve paid Hill on filling holes on the defense. Draft capital plus cap money along with some QB named Mahomes means they’ll still be one of the top teams this season.

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