Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett lead the draft odds at quarterback, with some interesting wrinkles

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The draft happens in four days. Even in a year with not many teams having first-round eyes on quarterbacks, all eyes will be on the quarterbacks.

As a result, we’ve been eyeing various odds set by PointsBet for the upcoming selection process, as it relates to quarterbacks.

The over-under for quarterbacks taken in round one has been set at 2.5. The two that are regarded, based on the odds, as the first-rounders are Liberty’s Malik Willis (pictured) and Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh.

And Willis is the favorite to be the first quarterback selected, with current odds at -145. Pickett is at +135. Next comes Desmond Ridder at +1000, Matt Corral at +1800, and Sam Howell at +5000.

Here’s where it gets intriguing. Even though Willis is the favorite to be the first quarterback drafted, Pickett has better odds to be selected at one specific position in the top 20.

At No. 6, Pickett is a +175 favorite to be the selection. Willis stands at +400. Thus, while the oddsmakers at PointsBet generally regard Willis as being viewed as more desirable, they think Carolina prefers Pickett to Willis.

Willis also is the favorite to be taken in the two spots held by the Saints, with +650 odds at No. 16  and +750 odds at No. 19. Pickett is +1000 for both slots. At No. 20, where the Steelers pick, Willis is the favorite at +500. Pickett is just behind Willis, at +600.

Much of any of this comes from guesswork, obviously. But if sports books are going to take bets on these matters, it matters to have an idea as to how it will go.

They’ll complain if any of the bettors have inside info (more on that later). But the bookies need the inside info in order to best set the odds.

We’ll find out on Thursday whether the odds have been set correctly for the quarterback position. And it will get the most interesting at pick No. 6, where the favorite to be the first quarterback picked takes a back seat to second man on the list.

16 responses to “Malik Willis, Kenny Pickett lead the draft odds at quarterback, with some interesting wrinkles

  1. Willis will be picked early due to many teams incorporating run-a lot mentality. These guys are regular season fantasy pix like Murray & Jackson. Good luck in Jan, with these guys.

  2. Matt Corral will be the top QB in this draft. Gut feeling Philadelphia takes him in the Second Round.

  3. Pickett will be the first QB selected , Corral will be the second followed by Willis.
    The team that selects Corral will have drafted the best QB in this draft.

  4. I would pick Corral first because he played for Lane Kiffin and he was an offensive coordinator in the NFL. Simply as that.

  5. Corral had a low wonderlick test score.Willis is the best QB in this draft class.

  6. greedyjimfromtonhicken says:
    Corral had a low wonderlick test score.
    Brett Favre had a low wonderlic score,… 22.
    I was reading about the top 3 – 4 QB’s in this draft. Corral has more issues than his wonderlic score. He’s short,.. thin body,.. had issues in the red zone. Honestly,… most scouts don’t think he’s worthy of a 1st rd pick.

  7. Whoever drafts Malik Willis should be fired on the spot. Pickett is going to be really good in the NFL

  8. Every year proves its a crap shoot… many 1st 2nd rounders disappoint and many late round surprise….
    my gut feeling;

    Disappointment: Malik Willis
    surprise: Sam Howell

  9. Scouting reports I’ve read point to Willis have the strongest and most accurate arm. But that’s what they said about Josh Rosen too.
    Willis is kinda short. 6’1″ 220. He’s not a kid you can throw in the mix to start right away. He’s a QB Coach project. He needs a couple years.

  10. I am a die hard Ole Miss guy so I am obviously biased to Matt Corral. I do think that he is the best qb in the draft this year as well. However, with that being said, I would not draft him or any other qb in the first round this year… I understand that I am a car salesman and not a GM of a multibillion dollar NFL franchise though so what I think does not amount to much. But I can see that none of these young men grade out that high… Hotty Toddy and Go Cardinals!

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