Phillip Lindsay: I want to find a team that’s going to use me the right way

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Phillip Lindsay spent his first three seasons in Denver before bouncing around last season. He played 10 games for the Texans and four for the Dolphins in 2021.

He became a free agent in March and remains unsigned.

“Honestly, for me, it’s about finding the right opportunity, finding the right fit for me,” Lindsay said, via Sean Keeler of The Denver Post. “So I’m taking my time, more than not being in a rush to go to some OTAs right now. Honestly, I want to be on a team where they’re going to be able to utilize me the right way. So that’s what I’m looking for right now.”

Lindsay didn’t indicate what the “right way” means.

Lindsay’s numbers have decreased every season during his four seasons. He had only 92 touches for 294 yards and two touchdowns last season and averaged only 2.8 yards on his 88 rushing attempts.

He is working out and spending time with his family, while he waits for a call.

“Right now, I’m ‘daddy day care,’ a house-husband,” Lindsay said. “That’s my role. Right now, I’m a family man.”

19 responses to “Phillip Lindsay: I want to find a team that’s going to use me the right way

  1. Somebody should sign him. Used the right way, Lindsay could be really good. Cheap too, I would imagine…

  2. He was decent in Miami. Can’t blame him though, that offensive line was historically bad and the coaching had no rhyme or reason to it.

  3. I’m a little disappointed that miami didn’t offer him a new contract. He is a good honest professional and doesn’t fumble the ball. The nfl will be poorer without him. I hope he finds a new team.

  4. Grass always looks better on the other side of the fence. But sometimes once reach the other side you suddenly realize, man I was already in the best place possible.

  5. Then go to the Patriots, your not great, but you can share a backfield with 4 other rb’s lol

  6. I hope BB findes room for him. Normally when BB see players in the div. 2 times a year he seems to find valuable players. Lindsay did play hard in Denver, if anyone can find that drive and bring it back to life I think it will be BB.

  7. I’m pretty sure Denver just didn’t offer him a contract after the 2020 season, it wasn’t like he wanted more money or demanded a trade.

  8. He was never great; in Denver he thought he was better than he really was. When you are on a bad team and you pad your stats against other bad teams, you come away with a skewed impression of what you really are. He is a supplemental role player at best. Hopefully he realizes that instead of continuing to wait for the “right opportunity” (IE: another team who over-values him).

  9. BB could make a hall of famer outta this guy!

    He hasn’t made a hall of famer out of any rb yet. But now all of the sudden he’s going to?

  10. Sometimes teams don’t jump after every free agent or turn over major portions of their roster for every draft pick they can get because they SHOULD consider players already on their roster, like Lindsey. Denver was busy adding RBs when they had him right there. They’re doing the same thing with Melvin Gordon right now! Who in their right mind doesn’t want him?! Some teams don’t have a clue. I hope he ends up with one that does!

  11. The Dophins Oline has been awful for 10 years yes, but the only RBs that were less impressive than him in Miami were Jordan Howard, who was easily the worst of all time and Kalen Ballage but he even had 1 big moment. Lindsay may have actually been worse at returning kicks then running and thats saying alot. If anybody needs to come back its DUUUUUUUUUKE. Guy killed it last year, yet he gets no love.

  12. He was a feel good story in Denver… Local kid, undrafted, played hard and fast. His running style had a great burst through the line and into the 2nd level, but he got run down in the secondary because he doesn’t really have breakaway speed. He runs “high” and therefor doesn’t break many tackles, and his burst through the line didn’t seem to be accompanied by great vision, so he either shot through into the 2nd level or he quickly slammed into a filled gap and fell over. Without an O-line that consistently wins the LOS, Lyndsay, I’m afraid, won’t be too effective.

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