49ers make minor changes to 2022 uniform

NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers
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Unless you’re an eagle-eyed uniform spotter, you might miss the tweaks the 49ers announced to their jerseys for 2022.

But the club has made some changes that bring the home and away jerseys more in line with the team’s classic, traditional style.

San Francisco announced on Monday that the 2022 jerseys will now feature three white stripes on the sleeves instead of two, as they have for the past five years. The three-striped sleeves date back to the earliest iterations of the 49ers uniform.

The 49ers are also bringing back their Saloon wordmark for the front of their jerseys, just below the neckline. The team has been using the classic-style wordmark in their end zones but is now bringing it to the uniforms on a permanent basis. It was first released in 1972 and was used as the primary wordmark for 32 years, including when the club won five Super Bowls.

We’ll find out when and where the 49ers will sport those uniforms in 2022 when the NFL releases its full schedule on May 12.

5 responses to “49ers make minor changes to 2022 uniform

  1. In a related move, the 49ers are discreetly morphing the “F” on their helmet logo to a “C” — to better reflect the home town of the team: Santa Clara.

  2. I think the NFL is way too tradition-bound with its uniforms. I’m not saying I want every team to be the Oregon Ducks, but would anyone really care if, for example, the Bears or Packers had a slight break from the traditional designs?

    European soccer teams have new uniform designs every year. They make changes to the home and away kids within very narrow confines and maybe play around more with the alternate uniform, but I think those teams learned long ago that having die-hard fans buy a new shirt every year isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Just so they never wear white pants again.No wonder Steve Young only won one Super Bowl without the gold.

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