Early USFL Week Two ratings were fairly low; rest of weekend is TBD

USFL Week Two - Michigan Panthers at New Jersey Generals
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The USFL embarked on its second weekend with four games spread between Friday and Sunday. The viewership numbers will be critical as the league tries to find its footing. For now, the ratings for only one game are available.

The first game, a Friday night affair on USA between the Panthers and Generals, averaged 363,000 viewers. In that game, Michigan lost to New Jersey, 10-6. The outcome dropped Panthers coach Jeff Fisher to 0-2 in the USFL.

The other games for Week Two were televised by Fox, FS1, and NBC. The audience numbers for those games are not yet in.

The Week One game on USA, played on Easter Sunday, averaged 771,000 viewers. The final game of Week One, moved to Monday night from Sunday night due to weather, drew 268,000 average viewers on FS1.

Spring football usually does well at first. The challenge becomes sustaining the crowd. The ratings for the games played on the second Saturday and Sunday of the USFL season will become key data point for the ability of the USFL to make it to 2023, at which time it will be competing with the XFL.

13 responses to “Early USFL Week Two ratings were fairly low; rest of weekend is TBD

  1. Only half in jest, what is “spring”? If you’re talking about that 3-7 period between winter and summer then, no, “spring” anything is a no go. Yeah. Double-negative. I see it 🙂

  2. Ratings are important, but since the USFL is entirely owned by Fox, it will not be going away any time soon.
    To Fox, it isn’t much different than a reality TV Show.

  3. These leagues will never work. Cost to much to do and fans don’t want to see bad football.

  4. Not surprised. This is just a minor league. The old USFL has some great football and would have been a real threat and alternative to the NFL if they stuck it through.

  5. I watched some of the first game of the first week and then checked out.

    There is a Michigan team, I was around for the original Michigan Panthers. The two don’t compare in any way shape or form other than the name and uniforms.

  6. I think part of the problem is the games are not easy to find. So I forget about them. I tuned into the final 4 minutes for two different games this weekend, because I was scrolling and saw the games. Had I realized the games were on, I would have watched all of the games… The schedule and tv info isnt obvious.

  7. The USFL has been great!! Exciting action, competitive games, and great individual efforts! The Stallions are 3-0. Keep tuning in America!! Don’t miss out on USFL football!!

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