49ers have room to “foot the bill” on Jimmy Garoppolo, so they will be patient

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If not for surgery on his right shoulder on March 8, Jimmy Garoppolo likely already would have a new home. The 49ers were receiving interest from other teams before news of the surgery.

Now, with Garoppolo rehabbing in Los Angeles and unlikely to be cleared for throwing until sometime this summer, his future is in limbo.

“There were certainly various discussions with different places in terms of how far along. . . .That certainly threw a wrench in those things,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch said Monday. “You adapt and you move forward. Like we said, we like the things that Jimmy brings to the table. We’re doing what we think is best for our team and for Jimmy by keeping him with us for right now.”

Garoppolo has a non-guaranteed compensation package of $25 million in the final year of his contract. Lynch said the 49ers aren’t going to cut Garoppolo, who then would be free to sign anywhere, including with the quarterback-needy Seahawks.

“Guys like that don’t fall out of trees,” Lynch said. “He’s a good player at a position where they’re hard to find. You certainly just don’t give guys like that away and we can, I guess, foot the bill if you want to describe it as that. We’ll be patient with that one.”

The 49ers traded up to draft Trey Lance with the third overall selection in 2021. Lance is expected to take over the starting job this season after Garoppolo started 15 of 17 games last season. So, $25 million for a backup quarterback is not ideal, and neither is having Lance looking over his shoulder at Garoppolo.

The 49ers, though, might not find a trade partner until some team loses a starter to an injury. But it’s probably a good bet that Garoppolo doesn’t finish this season in San Francisco.

20 responses to “49ers have room to “foot the bill” on Jimmy Garoppolo, so they will be patient

  1. The top 2 QB on 49er cost less than 30 million. How many teams can say that?

  2. When you have a great franchise QB there is no questioning it… Trey Lance isn’t the guy

  3. I can’t see any team giving up anything of significance for him right now. Maybe once the season starts if a QB for a contender goes down with an injury and they need someone to keep the train on the tracks until their starter comes back

  4. Jimmy G cap charge 2022 – $26.95 mil
    Trey Lance cap for 2022 – $7.75 mil

    That’s over $30 mil

  5. He is full of it. Right now the 9ers have less than $690,000 in available cap space — the lowest in the league. Just check the over the cap site. Their only hope of clearing enough space to even sign their draft class this year is to trade Deebo and require whoever gets him to take Jimmy G and his $25 million contact as well. Lynch-Ahan hove totally overplayed their hand with Jimmy, and the way they’re talking up Deebo is transparent as all hell. What a joke.

  6. shouldbworking says:
    April 25, 2022 at 4:39 pm
    The top 2 QB on 49er cost less than 30 million. How many teams can say that?
    According to overthecap, Jimmy’s 2022 salary is top 10 of all QBs. That means 2/3rds if the league can say that.

  7. Deebo Samuel is Sterling Sharpe with speed, both South Carolina boys that play with a bit of a linebackers toughness, come on over to GB grab number 84 & let’s get that RING!

  8. You trade Jimmy for spare parts and pay Deebo. Simple as that. Then, Lance hands the ball off 40+ times a game, throws 10-15 passes to Kittle & WRs, and they go 12-5.

  9. When the Niners and Browns are done playing games, I hope Jimmy lands in Seattle and Baker in Pittsburgh and carry their new teams to the playoffs while SF and CLE watch from home.

  10. I think we all are seeing the 49’ers era collapse right before our eyes. If that is the case Lynch and Kyle will be gone.

  11. Man, this popcorn tastes good…Deebo wants out of town and he hasn’t mentioned money. With the way these goofs handle their business, can you blame him? He sure doesn’t seem excited to play with “next years MVP”, Lance. With Jimmy’s money around your throat, don’t act like keeping him on the roster is no big deal. Any fool knows better. The team needs a real QB on the roster come Sept 1 and none of this dancing takes that away.

  12. If you look at the record of last year’s first round QB’s drafted before Lance:
    Lawrence(3-14), Wilson(4-13).
    They got invaluable reps in real time.
    So throw in Lance from day one in 2022, and don’t look back.

  13. Horrible nightmare for SF fans:

    1. 25 mil per QB nursing a shoulder rehab.
    2. Traded up for QB prospect from Div 2 school with no real resume is being promoted as the future after so much draft capital sacrificed.
    3. Best WR and arguably the best offensive player on the team not happy without his new contract.

    How John Lynch gets away with the mismanagement for much longer is beyond me. If Lance falls flat, Lynch’s seat gets really hot, or at least it should.

    Imagine if Shanahan’s 2 RBs at 6YPC simply just kept running vs KCs swiss cheese D?

    If their Lance thing fails and Samuel gets dealt, Shanahan needs to be held accountable as well.

  14. cam180 says:
    April 26, 2022 at 8:55 am
    If you look at the record of last year’s first round QB’s drafted before Lance:
    Lawrence(3-14), Wilson(4-13).
    I can see why you wouldn’t want to look at the first round QB’s taken AFTER Lance. Mac Jones (who the fans and media sneered at and harassed Kyle about) got lots of experience too going 10-7.

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