Kyle Shanahan ducks the 49ers’ pre-draft press conference

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Last year, with rampant speculation regarding the 49ers’ plans for the third overall pick in the draft, coach Kyle Shanahan joined G.M. John Lynch for the team’s pre-draft press conference.

This year, with receiver Deebo Samuel acknowledging last week that he has asked to be traded, Shanahan ghosted the pre-draft sit-down with reporters.

“He’s always invited,” Lynch said Monday when asked about Shanahan’s absence. “Last year, just kind of on a whim, I think he wanted to have some fun, so he came and joined me, but I just left him and he was actually, we were studying some different scenarios at 61, so that’s what we were doing when I last left him. And I think he was too engrossed in that, so you got stuck with me.”

Yes, it’s important to be focused on what will happen on Friday night, when the 49ers are on the clock after 60 picks are made. With 18 hours or so of dead time between the end of the first round and the start of the second round.

The truth surely is that Shanahan decided to duck the media for a press conference that would have entailed even more questions about Samuel’s trade request, whether the team will acquiesce to it, and what the team did or failed to do to get Samuel to the point where he decided he wants out.

C’mon Kyle. I know you don’t like “annoying” headlines, but how can you hide your head in the sand when one of the team’s best players wants out? Everyone knows you, not Lynch, calls the shots. You need to chime in on this one, sooner than later.

23 responses to “Kyle Shanahan ducks the 49ers’ pre-draft press conference

  1. This is draft week. I have no issue with the head coach doing his own thing. This week is about the GM and scout teams ideology. They are doing it right.

  2. He’s trying to figure out how he can keep Deebo and Jimmy because he knows Lance is nowhere near ready

  3. Why do people always dismiss John Lynch in these conversations? He’s the GM for crying out loud and they’re paying him a lot of money. He’s not Kyle Shanahan’s puppet.

  4. It’s two days before the draft. So. if I could speak for Kyle, I’d ask everyone at the press conference if they would like to have me come before them and lie my pants off about everything I’m planning to do. If they say yes, I’d tell them I have more respect for them than they do for themselves, and I would step aside and allow the team spokesman to tell a great fable to that group of reporters, so they’d have something to report on. I mean, seriously. But I would invite them back for a post-draft conference. Then I could actually talk to them without having to go to confession afterwards.

  5. Do we all know that Shanahan calls the shots? I think if he did they would have Mac Jones at QB right now.

  6. A Super Bowl loss a , a championship loss …if I had a résumé like that I wouldn’t show up for work either

  7. Don’t people get fined for ducking their interviews like this? If not, then I’m confused what Marshawn was even talking about

  8. So what if he had other more important things to do. Was this event any sort of requirement?

  9. Yeah they guy that put his wr at running back and started this should skip it. The wear and tear is the issue. The shelf life and pay for backs is a concern. It is one thing to have him run an occasional sweep but direct handoffs is a no go.

  10. The problem is Kyle Shanahan is just too honest. There is no way Lynch was going to let Kyle be out there and start blabbing. Lynch even talks about it in his podcast episode with Thomas Dimitroff. Lynch says he himself tells fibs and believes in “selective transparency” (like everyone else in his personnel department apparently) but Kyle is too honest. No big shock he wasn’t at this press conference.

  11. Lynch literally stood up and told everybody Shanahan has more draft prep on his plate than he does, and people are in here complaining about the notion that he’s a figurehead…

  12. lynch isn’t fooling anyone. Niners cap is trashed. They have bad picks and $34m tied up in 2 mediocre QB’s.

  13. A Super Bowl loss a , a championship loss …if I had a résumé like that I wouldn’t show up for work either

    Then I guess the Browns, Cardinals, Jaguars, Lions.. should just cease operation?

  14. Why would Shanahan want to talk to reporters who will ask the same questions that they’ve been asking for weeks? It looks like Kyle decided to act more like Belichick, who shows up only when he as to and then says as little as possible.

  15. He’s really messed up a good thing. They had such a great team and he dismantled it for no reason.

  16. It looks like Kyle decided to act more like Belichick, who shows up only when he as to and then says as little as possible.

    What is the point? Honestly?

    What do the beat writers expect? A glimpse of the Draftboard? If I want to be lied to, I’ll call my congressman.

  17. “What is the point? Honestly?”

    Exactly. It makes no sense to ask coaches and GM’s about players right before the draft. Not one of them will tell the truth.

  18. A 1st, 2nd, and 4th for Deebo and Garapollo to Houston, which could probably afford them both with the cap going up in 2023. Houston has the picks. They also have Brandin Cooks and Philip Dorsett, so Garapollo may not mind this trade. Houston would trade the later of thier 1st round picks, or perhaps trade it back, pick up extra picks, then trade that #1 along with the #2 and #4. This will be a blockbuster trade announced around 7pm PST Thursday night. Houston picks up a shiny new Left Tackle with the #3 pick to help protect Garapollo. They’d still have a lot of picks left to boost the roster. The Niners could go after impact DE’s and CB’s, trading up, since they’d hav 11 or 12 picks. The Niners have to set sail with Lance. They can’t hold this up any longer. maybe draft fellow NDSU WR Watson for him to throw to. Win-Win?

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