Patriots trade fifth-round pick to Texans, get two picks back

New England Patriots v Indianapolis Colts
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It will be some time before we reach the fifth round of this year’s draft, but the Patriots have already decided that they want to trade back.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Patriots have agreed to send a fifth-round pick to the Texans. They will receive sixth- and seventh-round picks back from Houston in the swap.

The Patriots have two fifth-rounders — No. 158 and No. 170 — and the Texans have three sixth-rounders — No. 183, No. 205, and No. 207 — in their possession, so it remains to be seen which picks will be moving as part of the deal. Their seventh-rounder is the 245th overall pick.

When all is said and done the Patriots will have three sixth-rounders and a seventh-rounder to go with one pick in each of the first five rounds. Houston did not have a fifth-round pick prior to this trade. They have two first-round picks, two third-round picks, two fourth-round picks, and two sixth-rounders along with their second and fifth-round selections.

UPDATE 4:39 p.m. ET:  Field Yates of ESPN reports that the Texans will receive No. 170 while sending No. 183 and No. 245 to New England.

27 responses to “Patriots trade fifth-round pick to Texans, get two picks back

  1. Bottom 5 In drafting since 2017. Maybe they should get better at picking guys instead of getting more pics.

  2. Belichick may feel that the real value in this draft is in the lower end. I also think he wants to draft Matt Ariaza and will probably need to do it late fourth or early fifth round, so he may be stockpiling extra picks to offset that.

    Just my guess anyway.

  3. Late in the draft… all a crap shoot anyways. More shots though lead to better odds of actually hitting.

  4. There is no way to justify this type of trade right now.

    Someone is over thinking something.

  5. Later round picks make very little money but some can be good special teams guys or role players. So, better to get two of those than 1.

  6. As usual belichick making waves during drafting week – only to end up with poor choices. One of the most mediocre GMs ever. But he’ll have Tom Brady on his resume.

  7. A late 7th has some important value. It allows you to get a player on a 4 year deal, as opposed to the 3 year deals that an undrafted player will receive. Additionally, it keeps you out of the bidding for a priority free agent where the contract value often exceeds 7th round selections.
    I would certainly want to add an additional draft pick for moving back 13 spots late in the 5th round.

  8. If only Bill was as great as he is a head coach.


    No way would a great coach be so bad as GM as Belichick.

  9. Here we go again : finding gold among rocks.

    Belichick will try 50 cheap players, 30+ yr old veterans and bunches of late round pics, the so-called system.

    Of course, if one or two turn out to be good, his believers will non-stop talk what a genius he is even if Pats win only 5 out of 17 games.

  10. When the roster is bereft of talent, 6th and 7th round picks actually have a chance to make the team so it’s not crazy.

  11. Belichick will try 50 cheap players, 30+ yr old veterans and bunches of late round pics, the so-called system.

    Why didn’t Brady win the SB last year with all those high draft picks and expensive players??

  12. Cncernan2020,

    I gave you the answer in other thread.

    BA hated checkdown, but it was the way Brady handled pressure.

  13. apl says:
    April 25, 2022 at 8:38 pm
    When the roster is bereft of talent, 6th and 7th round picks actually have a chance to make the team so it’s not crazy.
    Well, Brady was a 6th & Edelman was a 7th so there is that…..

  14. So when is his retirement party going to happen for Belichick I’m just waiting!!!!!

  15. The Patriots are “making small change,” so they can more easily make trades at value or less. You have to have assets in the right denominations to trade, so you can avoid overpaying.

  16. So you can avoid overpaying.


    The salary cap is set in such a way that coach and GM can’t build top offense and defense at same time. So for a team to be a serious SB contender, it must either be great at draft (plus first couple of years of its franchise QB), or “ALL IN” for a short period of time.

    Of course, that wouldn’t be a big problem if the QB has the skills to turn cheap receivers into top play makers, especially in playoff, like Tom Brady.

    Belichick believers simply have no clue which came first, and talk like being cheap (on offense) was a system.

  17. I’m not going to pretend to understand this move. Is this one of those situations where everyone else is playing checkers while on person is playing chess?

  18. If no player like Jordan Davis falls to 21, I am hoping the Pat’s trade back with Detroit, take the 32nd pick and get an impact player at a high dollar position for 5 years versus 4, and as compensation, the Patriots and Lions swap positions in the second round. This is within 10 points of value on the trade chart (favoring Detroit. Maybe Detroit has to toss in a 6th rounder. If there is a QB the Lions like at 21, or another player they want/need, this could be worth the trade for them. They still get a 2nd round choice in a draft deep in talent at that spot. The Patriots could potentially pick up a DB and a receiver with the 32nd pick and the 34th pick. I’d use the first rounder on the player likely to cost more to re-sign, and who was most likely to pan out. I’d use the 2nd rounder on a more high risk/high reward player. I won’t name names, but I know who I would take.

    This is a trade that could happen around 7:30pm PST Thursday night depending on the board.

    Just prior to this trade I expect a Garapollo/Samuel trade to Houston for a 1st, 2nd, and 4th round pick to the Niners, AFTER Houston trades back from the 13th pick and collects the 4th rounder to seal this deal. Garapollo gets to throw to Samuel, Brandin Cooks, and Philip Dorsett, and gets a shiny new Left Tackle in pick #3.

    These are Win-Win trades and I believe there’s going to be big trades happening Thursday night.

  19. Tom Brady is a nice little system QB with a little arm who was also suspended for cheating.

    I don’t acknowledge his tainted legacy or any of his accomplishments*

    Carry on.

  20. Jerry Seinfeld: “There Was No Pick!” “I Can’t Believe You Thought There Was A Pick! Because There Was No Pick!”

  21. Another Patriots dynasty is slowly being built…at about the same speed that potholes get filled.

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