Travon Walker becomes the betting favorite to go No. 1

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It happened over the weekend. And it has shaken up the very top of the draft.

Via PointsBet, Georgia defensive end Travon Walker is now the favorite to become the first overall pick. His odds currently are -155.

Michigan defensive end Aidan Hutchinson has fallen to +150, followed by N.C. State tackle Ikem Ekwonu at +600 and Oregon defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux, at +1800. Alabama tackle Evan Neal continues to provide great value at +1800.

Walker is also the new favorite at DraftKings and FanDuel. Hutchinson, at +110, is now the PointsBet favorite to go to Detroit with the No. 2 overall pick.

The Jaguars have said they’ve narrowed their list to four players. On Thursday night, we’ll find out which one they take.

17 responses to “Travon Walker becomes the betting favorite to go No. 1

  1. This the year we get our first insider betting scandal. Wouldn’t be hard for a couple jags insiders to leak walker to inflate the true #1 odds.

  2. Baalke has pictures. He must. He can’t keep getting away with this. I wouldn’t want him working a drive thru let alone a football team.

  3. This would be par for the course for the Jag’s. I hate this for the team because I follow them being in Florida. Since Khan took over its been a total clown show.

  4. I don’t like to bet on things that are easily manipulated. I guess that’s sports in general, though.

  5. The bust potential for him is huge. If you listened to other former players who played his position none of them think much of him.

  6. Wow, the Jags are gonna screw this up and pull a Clowney aren’t they?

    If you are going to take a defensive end / edge, how do you not take Aidan Hutchinson?

  7. My team always trades back or completely out of the 1st round so it’s pointless to wish for a front line guy. He’s gotta be coming off double ACL surgery, or he’s only been playing football for 6 weeks before we draft em

  8. Jags are likely to employ a base 3-4 defense in 2022. Not sure TW fits that scheme. Georgia defense touts using 3-4 player types but line up in a 4-3 scheme most of the time.
    Too many questions on TW – need to take a OL that can help keep Trevor Lawrence on his feet.

  9. Dear Jacksonville,

    So glad you have carefully thought this decision out. You’ll look back on it for years to come.

    The Detroit Lions

  10. If Baalke wasn’t fired for drafting A.J. Jenkins in the first round…

    He will NEVER be fired for making a bad first round pick.

  11. Lions trade their 2nd pick in the first round (#32) and their 2nd round pick (#34) to NE for the Patriots 1st round pick (#21) and move up to draft a QB like Corral (if available) to sit behind Goff for a year, and the Patriots 2nd round pick (#57), where they can pick up a Safety, TE, or LB to go with the edge rusher they get at #2. Patriots get a DB and WR at 32 and 34. It’s almost an even trade on the chart. Win-Win.

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