D.C. attorney general is investigating the Washington Commanders, too

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Virginia isn’t alone in looking into whether the Washington Commanders crossed the line regarding its handling of financial issues. The D.C. attorney general also has entered the fray.

And the D.C. attorney general is looking at more than alleged financial improprieties.

In an email disseminated on Monday night, the official of D.C. attorney general Karl Racine disclosed that it has been investigating “allegations of sexual harassment and workplace misconduct, the team’s cooperation with, and statements about, the investigation into these allegations, and more recently, the team’s ticket sales practices.”

The sexual harassment investigation started in the fall of 2021, “based on both public reporting and independent investigative work” conducted by the office.

“The disturbing details of misconduct by the Washington Commanders and Dan Snyder that we’ve seen in extensive public reporting are deeply troubling,” Racine said in a statement. “No one should face mistreatment at work and no organization can evade the law. The Commanders’ players and employees, and District residents, deserve a thorough investigation that determines exactly what happened and holds those accountable for any illegal conduct. We encourage those who experienced or witnessed misconduct to contact our office.”

Racine’s office has encouraged anyone with information relevant to the investigations to contact it by email.

More than 500,000 documents have been obtained by Racine’s office from the Commanders and the NFL, and more are coming.

10 responses to “D.C. attorney general is investigating the Washington Commanders, too

  1. That last sentence is key. Those 500,000 documents are now with a public agency that has some requirements to provide them for the public. Most likely redacted and at the conclusion of the investigation, but there are Right to Know laws that govern them now.

  2. I used to get excited about this team… now it’s just constant negativity. The fans don’t deserve this

  3. Please dissolve this team.
    Force sell, move em to London, and erase any memory of them

  4. Investigate Goodell, too. I always wondered why such an obviously bad, corrupt owner was so protected.

    There has to be some dark nugget that hasn’t been found out yet.

  5. One thing doesn’t work, try something else then something else… until it sticks LoL

  6. Waiting for all the conspiracy theorists that comment that government should do it’s job when it’s actually doing it’s job. LOL

  7. Wait, why is the Attorney General investigating sexual harassment at a private company? Those are civil matters, not criminal. Seems like grandstanding.

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