Eight teams have two first-round picks, an NFL draft record

'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas' Sign Turns Silver And Black Ahead of 2022 NFL Draft
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Eight teams have two first-round picks in Thursday night’s NFL draft, making the 2022 draft unique in NFL history.

The previous record for the most teams with multiple first-round picks was six, which happened in 2020, 1989, 1974 and 1973.

The teams with multiple first-round picks are the Lions (their own and the Rams’), Packers (their own and the Raiders’), Texans (their own and the Browns’), Chiefs (their own and the 49ers’, via the Dolphins), Giants (their own and the Bears’), Jets (their own and the Seahawks’), Saints (the Eagles’ and the Colts’ via the Eagles) and Eagles (the Saints’ and the Dolphins’).

Eight teams without a first-round pick is also an all-time record.

7 responses to “Eight teams have two first-round picks, an NFL draft record

  1. Either the talent pool is that shallow or the GM’s don’t wanna buy the lotto tickets this year

  2. And they still won’t be able to draft a QB with 0.01 of the talent, leadership and skill as Josh Allen has.

  3. It is not a record until those teams actually make those picks. There is a chance that someone trades out, especially someone like KC with 29 & 30. If someone wants into the first to get someone and have the 5th year option on their contract, KC could move one of those picks, and then they would no longer have multiple firsts.

  4. You never want to be on the same short list as the Lions, Jets, Texans, and Giants.

  5. NFC has 18 first rounders to just 14 for the AFC. Picks by division.
    AFC East: 4
    AFC North: 3
    AFC South: 4
    AFC West: 3
    NFC East: 6
    NFC North: 5
    NFC South: 5
    NFC West: 2

  6. As has been proven countless times in prior years, it’s not how many picks any team has, it’s how they’re used. Many 1st round picks turn into busts that don’t even make it through their rookie contract.

  7. I think the record shows the effect of LA selling out to win and getting away with it. Now 1/3 of the teams are trying it but even in the past, it might work for one team but everyone else that was trying it it didn’t and that is forgotten about.

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