Lovie Smith: We feel good about our QBs room, leading off with Davis Mills

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The Texans have three picks in the first two rounds of this week’s draft: No. 3, No. 13, and No. 37.

While anything said in the pre-draft process — especially this week — can be considered a smokescreen, it doesn’t sound like the team is itching to use one of those high selections on a quarterback.

Houston currently has three QBs on its roster with Davis Mills, Kyle Allen, and Jeff Driskel. New head coach Lovie Smith has been clear that he likes Mills’ potential as a starter and he reiterated that in a Tuesday press conference.

“As a general rule, I guess you can have four [quarterbacks]. Some teams have four,” Smith said. “I think once you have three quarterbacks on your roster, you should feel pretty good about that, and we do. We keep all options open, but we feel good about our quarterback room right now — leading off with Davis Mills. I’ve talked about him and our feelings about who our leader will be.”

After the Texans drafted him in the third round out of Stanford last year, Mills had a rocky start to his rookie season. But the quarterback made steady strides over the rest of the season, recording a 102.4 passer rating with nine touchdowns and two interceptions in his last five starts. The Texans went 2-3 in those games with wins over the Jaguars and Chargers.

Overall, Mills completed 67 percent of his passes for 1,664 yards with 16 touchdowns and 10 interceptions as a rookie.

6 responses to “Lovie Smith: We feel good about our QBs room, leading off with Davis Mills

  1. No one is expecting the Texans to compete at a high level. Lovie is in a perfect position to throw Mills to the lions, wire to wire, and see what he actually has in his hands. Can the guy take instruction, coaching, be a leader, carry the team on his shoulders, inspire when things are really rough, learn and improve? These are all unknowns, and they can’t be known except under fire from live ammo. With there not being any Peyton Mannings or Andrew Lucks or Josh Allens in the draft — guy’s who just ooze “success in the NFL” — Mills is the guy the Texans want to roll the dice with.

  2. “We feel good about the Texans QB room, too” – every D coordinator on their 2022 schedule.

  3. Mills never gave up – he showed more than the Bears rookie or San Fransisco’s. You can’t make a guy a gamer and he is that – either you are or not. He doesn’t make excuses. He may never been more than an average guy, but he won’t quit on your team.

  4. It will be interesting to see how he grows with a decent coaching staff.

  5. I can’t wait to see the posts from these same folks when Mills flames. You mean every HC/GM was wrong except the Texans front office? Ahhhhhahahahaha!!!

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