Nathaniel Hackett would “start freaking out” without music at practice

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Chase Claypool may suddenly be interested in playing for the Broncos.

Last year, the Pittsburgh receiver’s request for music at practice fell on the non-deaf ears of coach Mike Tomlin. New Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett can’t imagine practicing without it.

“That’s the only thing I know,” Hackett told reporters after the team’s first voluntary minicamp practice. “I like the music. If I don’t have it, I’ll start freaking out. You always want to hear that stuff. It keeps it — I feel like on gameday it’s pretty loud. There’s a lot of things going on. I think distractions, to a certain extent, are good. Different music, different people saying things. That’s how it is on gamedays. You want to create that environment as much as possible.”

That’s a great point. Although coaches can be obsessed with limiting distractions, every football player who is trying to do something while the opponent is doing something else deals with distractions all the time. By preparing them to deal with distractions, players are better equipped to handle them.

For now, Hackett isn’t doing much by way of curating the playlist.

“We just told them to mix it up right now,” Hackett said. “But I’ll probably say a couple things. I gave everyone their first shot and see what happens now.”

Seeing what happens now is one of the key themes for the new-look Broncos, who have a new coach, a new franchise quarterback, a still-new G.M., and before too long a new owner.

10 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett would “start freaking out” without music at practice

  1. The Browns play Mozart’s “Requiem in D Minor” (K626); look what it’s done for them.

  2. Wahoo!!! They play music at practice!!! Next they will have their own “podcasts” n they will be superbowl bound!!

  3. He makes great points about learning to deal with loud music and full stadiums on game days. Although I’m an old – I would totally enjoy having music at practice sessions. The only change would be during play/scheme installs and teaching sessions I might turn it down or off for a bit.

  4. If you are trying to play against crowd noise, why use music? Use canned crowd noise.

  5. This is practice. You want to hear your coaches and teammates to, you know, actually learn things and take instruction in preparation for the game. You can get used to tuning out the gameday noise and distractions in other ways.

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