Randy Gregory, Taco Charlton respond to Jerry Jones’ remarks about them

Dallas Cowboys training camp
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Addressing who breaks a tie in the draft room when the Cowboys are on the clock, Jerry Jones took a shot at Taco Charlton.

“There’s a lot of talk in this business about who makes the call. Who actually makes the call,” the Cowboys owner said, via Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Taco was Stephen [Jones’] call. [Micah] Parsons is my call.”

Stephen Jones didn’t find it funny. Neither did Charlton, the 28th selection in the 2017 draft who is on his fifth team in six seasons.

The defensive end, selected two spots before the Steelers drafted T.J. Watt, responded on Twitter with a meme of actor Woody Harrelson wiping away tears with wads of cash.

Defensive end Randy Gregory, who left the Cowboys for the Broncos in the offseason, offered support to Charlton. Earlier in the day, Gregory responded to a Jones’ shot at him.

“Hell hath no fury like a scorned . . . owner? Man needs to let it go and go find his war daddy already,” Gregory wrote.

Jones said last month the Cowboys passed on a chance to keep Gregory, but the truth is, Gregory spurned the Cowboys after objecting to a salary forfeiture clause in the contract. The Cowboys and Broncos had the same offer.

Jones repeated Tuesday that it was the Cowboys’ decision to let Gregory leave, and he doesn’t believe his team will have a hard time replacing Gregory.

“Denver wanted him more than we did, and that’s not a hard adjustment,” Jones said. “Because we got extra players for that and we wouldn’t have had the players we got had we signed Randy. Period. And I’d rather have the two (Dante Fowler and Dorance Armstrong) than the one. Availability was a big item here — being available. Always has been; always has been. You can reach to a point where if you’ve got a big question mark on availability — forget ability — if you’ve got a big question mark on availability, do you want to strap on millions and millions of dollars to your salary cap with that big a question mark at availability? It got too high for the benefit of the team.”

Gregory had the last word, denying he or Charlton were “fuming.”

“I just think we’re tired of the unnecessary comments,” Gregory wrote. “We living and taking care of ourselves. I’m amazed at how many people got their lives together enough to pass judgment.”

26 responses to “Randy Gregory, Taco Charlton respond to Jerry Jones’ remarks about them

  1. The great Jerry Jones has won how many Super Bowls since all the players Jimmy Johnson drafted left?

  2. Funny, Randy ran his mouth and made lots of unnecessary comments once in Denver.

  3. As far as availability as it applies to Gregory, check the record. Whether Jones is sour gapes or not the fact is Gregory could not be counted on over a very long period. He was given 3rd/4th chances so it’s not a stretch to say he had more chances than he deserved. Charlton was just a bust. Five teams in six ya=ears speaks for itself.

  4. Jerry’s twilight years are reminiscent of Al Davis when it was clear things had passed him by. Stephen Jones is not really helpful either.

  5. Jerrah epitomizes the old saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt”.

  6. Jerry Jones a legend in his own mind. I also like how he threw his son
    Stephen under the bus.

  7. He was making an obvious joke if you watch the video clip (all the reporters laughed and Stephen Jones joins in on the joke). Taco was a huge miss in that draft and they’re owning up to it.

  8. “There’s a lot of talk in this business about who makes the call. Who actually makes the call.”

    Seeing as though you’ve been making the calls for 25 years with no Super Bowls and only 3 playoff wins, that’s not something you should be boasting about, Jerry.

    You basically are the Taco of owners and you’re too dumb to realize it.

  9. Jones is a clown show and a moron. Taking pot shots at departed players. No class.
    I’d be embarrassed if I were a cowboys fan.
    If Armstrong and Fowler were better why did he try hard to keep Gregory ?

  10. Wow, Jurrah sure stepped in a pile with that comment. It’s no wonder they haven’t done anything since Jerry Johnson.

  11. Glad to be rid of Taco and his 1 sack a year, and no way am I not putting that clause in for Gregory. I do hope Gregory succeeds though.

  12. Jerruh the genius. Does he get credit too, for their consistenly underperforming the last 20+ years?

  13. Taco and Gregory now there’s two great examples or underachievers or better yet two busts .

  14. Nobody has done more to help prolong Gregory’s career than Jerry Jones.
    Randy Gregory will be out of the league in less than 2 years.

  15. So, Gregory hasn’t gotten his life together ? There’s no dig at Randy in those comments, but if he’s bothered he should stop responding. Anyways, Gregory should be grateful the Cowboys even drafted him and gave him a chance when no other team would including the Broncos.

  16. Taco is a pure bust. Very reason he bounced around different places and still has not shown anything. Gregory will be at best average or out of the NFL within a year outside of Dallas and everything they did to help him. He would not even have a career if not for Dallas and Jones so he should sit down and appreciate what has been done for him. Talk about someone with zero loyalty or character. Bronco’s will end up regretting that signing.,

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