Report: Eagles making calls about potentially moving up

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A record eight teams have two first-round draft choices. The Eagles are one of those teams, holding picks No. 15 and 18.

They had three first-round picks before a trade with the Saints.

That doesn’t mean the Eagles will sit tight now. They are “among the most notable teams making calls about moving up,” Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

So who are the Eagles targeting?

Perhaps a corner. Perhaps a receiver. Perhaps an edge rusher.

The Eagles have enough ammunition to get as high as they need to get for the player they want.

18 responses to “Report: Eagles making calls about potentially moving up

  1. Seems more likely they will use those picks to get a high first rounder next year when there will be better QBs available.

  2. Like any fan of the Philadelphia Eagles feels confident about our draft process and results. In fact, looking at the last 20 years, we should win an award for having the most success with the crappiest drafts.

  3. Either way Howie Roseman will make a mistake.

    Death, taxes and Howie screwing up the Eagles draft, all guarantees.

    They probably want to get ahead of the Jets at 10 to take the top WR on their board.

  4. If they need to trade up for a receiver, the Vikings will be happy to oblige at 12. We owe you one for the Reagor pick.

  5. We gotta go defense…we know we can run the ball really well…that plus good defense should win us a lot of games and make things easier on Jalen

  6. Way to go out on a limb…maybe they will take a corner? Maybe wr? Maybe an edge? I’m guessing maybe they draft someone?
    There…now we both went out on a limb.

  7. Howie will screw this draft up, and next year, and the year after that……

    Lurie should have fired this turd a while ago!!!

    Here’s to another disappointing season


  8. A lot of this will depend on who the Jags take at #1. If they take Aiden Hutchinson, the Lions may be willing to trade down from #2. But if U of M alumni Hutchinson happens to be available the Lions will take him. That would mean if the Eagles want want Sauce, they’d probably have to trade with the Texans for #3.

    But the Lions and the Texans already have two #1’s. In a trade would they want more draft picks or a playmaker? Who would the playmaker be?

  9. Can we trade a team, reagor and JJAw and a qst rounder to move up some?.Vikings like dumpster fires,so maybe they could use 2 hardly used bodies at WR.😉

  10. A shutdown corner! We gotta address our secondary…it’s just awful.

  11. howie always wants to be the smartest guy in the draft, like when everyone was so happy jefferson was still there for us, and howie proved everyone wrong by somehow finding jalen reagor way down everyone else’s board…….

  12. eaglerome says:
    April 26, 2022 at 4:41 pm
    We gotta go defense…we know we can run the ball really well…that plus good defense should win us a lot of games and make things easier on Jalen


    They already stopped asking him to throw the ball or make real decisions. What else can they do.?

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