Report: Giants looking to trade Darius Slayton

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Kadarius Toney‘s name surfaced as a trade candidate last week and he’s not the only Giants wideout to find himself mentioned in relation to a trip out of town.

Dan Duggan of reports that the team has been shopping Darius Slayton. Slayton saw his salary rise from $920,000 to $2.5 million because of performance escalators and the Giants are tight enough against the cap that they’re looking at all ways to shed salary.

Slayton was a 2019 fifth-round pick and he has 124 catches for 1,830 yards and 13 touchdowns in 43 career games.

Toney reported to the team’s offseason workout program for the first time on Monday, which may have been a response to the trade reports that surfaced around the 2021 first-round pick. If that makes Toney likelier to stick around, it could also work to make a Slayton trade more desirable for the Giants.

15 responses to “Report: Giants looking to trade Darius Slayton

  1. Slayton makes $2.5mill? Sheesh, may as well release him… he isn’t worth anything near that.

  2. Giants have a management problem. After last year results and they have salary cap issues? Maybe Slayton is underpaid, and 10 other guys should be given pay decreases 1st.

  3. Maybe that’s why Belichick picked up those extra draft picks in the range Slayton would cost. Maybe JJudge likes him.

  4. As a giants fan, no one is gonna trade for him. This is a deep wr draft and we already know slayton is limited in what he can do.

  5. Fair price for Slayton. Just shows how bad the cap situation is. And with a QB still on his rookie contract. Gettleman was the worst GM EVER!!!

  6. Why would the Giants want NHarry? Never mind he can’t play, but his salary is 1.9 mil vs Slaytons 2.5. It doesn’t help their cap problem much.

  7. Bradberry has to go and we need to draft Gardner than take what ever best lineman is left. Cross would be worst case

  8. Gettlemen sadly took the Giants backwards. “Pride goes before a fall.”
    Giants need to draft offensive and defensive lineman with their first two
    Picks. Anything else is a mistake. Game is won in the trenches.
    If Giants had an offensive line, Eli would still be playing!


  10. So Slayton’s salary rose to $2.5 million because of performance escalators. That should be a good thing, not “we need to get rid of this guy”.

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