Ryan Poles says Bears “will be in the business of moving back”

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Bears General Manager Ryan Poles said Tuesday that he doesn’t like the “rebuild” word to describe his team. He is OK with “remodel.”

But a rebuild is a rebuild by any other name.

The Bears, who have not had a winning season since 2018, traded Khalil Mack and lost Allen Robinson in free agency. Eddie Goldman, Danny Trevathan, Akiem Hicks and Tarik Cohen also are gone.

The team signed free agents Lucas Patrick, Justin Jones and Al-Quadin Muhammad.

The Bears don’t have a first-round choice, having traded it and a fourth-rounder to the Giants last April to move up nine spots in the first round to choose quarterback Justin Fields at No. 11. A 2022 seventh-round choice went to the Texans in the Anthony Miller trade last year.

That leaves the Bears with only six choices, hardly as much draft capital as a team in a remodel needs.

With that in mind, the Bears will go into this weekend’s three-day draft looking to acquire more picks.

“I do think we will be in the business — depending on where it is and what it looks like — in moving back and trying to create more (draft capital),” Poles said, via NFL Media.

Poles did add a caveat to trading down.

“For draft picks, I would like to do some movement and get more picks, but it’s got to be in the right area,” Poles said, via Larry Mayer of the team website. “The biggest thing is how many players you have at a certain level, so you can move back and get a quality player at that next spot. And when you get kicked other picks, that’s an additional player. So, where is that pick located at in the draft and can I still get a quality player at that level as well? Also, you can accumulate on the back end and package things up and move them again. So, really it’s just the volume and where the draft is deep at certain positions.”

11 responses to “Ryan Poles says Bears “will be in the business of moving back”

  1. The Bears will finish their season with a better record then the Raiders this season.

  2. With Mack back in the same division of his former team, I agree with touchback6 100%. The Bears also are the clear winners in the Mack trade.

    It’s common knowledge that the Raiders very small hopes of playoffs going forward is diminished significantly in that now heavily stacked with talent division. All the talent is on the Chargers, Chiefs and the Broncos have an MVP QB with a top tier defense.

  3. Khalil Mack just hasn’t played well with neither the Raiders or Bears. Maybe consistent is a better way to describe his level of playing. I have a feeling Bosa and Mack are going to be one of the greatest front seven combos in years.

    The best part about the Raiders/Bears/Mack nonsense is when all the Raiders fans laughed at the Bears for no draft picks and now they have no draft picks because of Adams…..hahaha…….AND they have no QB! LMAO

  4. It’s also common knowledge that the Bears won the Mack trade and it’s not even close, Dude.

  5. Bears need starting players. Trading back makes no sense unless you have players rated the same to point you trade back to. A lot of 4 though 7 picks are ok for an established team. A team like the Bears cannot gamble.

  6. Bears Ryan poles will trade pick 39 and 48 to his old team the chiefs for pick 30 and 62.

  7. Bears wont be competitive for 2 years. No amount of picks will change that.

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