Signs are pointing more strongly to Travon Walker becoming the first overall pick

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The odds keep moving in the direction of George defensive end Travon Walker, and for good reason.

Two days before the draft begins, the sense is becoming stronger and stronger in league circles that the Jaguars will make Walker the first overall pick in the 2022 draft. Until recently, there was a sense that they could go for an offensive lineman. Now, all signs point to Walker.

At PointsBet, the current odds are now -225 for Walker, and +225 for Michigan pass rusher Aidan Hutchinson. Four days ago, Hutchinson was the betting favorite.

Hutchinson is the -200 pick to be the second overall pick, to the Lions.

Officially, we’ll find out who goes first on Thursday night. After the Commissioner starts the proceedings, gets booed, and announces that the Jaguars are on the clock.

Until then, enjoy our one and only mock draft. Or don’t. I don’t really care.

23 responses to “Signs are pointing more strongly to Travon Walker becoming the first overall pick

  1. Balke refuses to take Hutchinson because he hates Harbaugh. Walker ain’t a bad pick though.

  2. What nonsense. Not saying it won’t turn out to be true, but there is no chance, none, that Jax is out here leaking their pick. It’s not going to incentivize anyone to make a panic move and offer them a ton to move back- there are way too many players just as good as Walker to justify it. So why would they do it?

  3. If Jags actually do take Walker 1st..what it really means is that Trent Baalke is an out of control “Hey look how smart I am” egomaniac. We shall see. I really dont care what oddsmakers are saying…thats ridiculous.

  4. If that happens Detroit Lions will say Thank You very much! Along with a few other early picking teams.

  5. I don’t get all the doubters about the Jags and drafting — or personnel moves in general. I think it is obvious they know what they are doing and have earned our trust.

  6. Why would anyone pay attention to mock drafts?
    It’s a waste of time,like pregame shows

  7. Hutchinson had more sacks this past season then Walker has had in his entire college career.

    Trent gonna Baalke .

  8. The future belongs to the bold. Detroit sends his 2nd pick overall to the Patriots for Jarrett Stidham. Let the decade long domination of Stidham begin.

  9. Remember when Leftwich was the clear favorite to get the Jaguars head coaching job

  10. Good, now if the bumbling Panthers can trade up to number 2 and the Lions could get a haul for that 2nd pick, that would be great

  11. How strange it would be for Trent Baalke to take a Michigan guy who was coached by Jim Harbaugh. Baalke might pass him up for inferior player. Being the number one pick is huge for recruiting. Ya think Baalke might want to help out an old pal?

  12. It could be Vegas trying to get people to bet on Walker going 1. Has more to do with how they’ll maximize their profit than anything else, there’s a reason they make as much $ as they do

  13. This year is the worst to have a top 5 pick in a long long time as any of the top 12 players could be 1st or 12th there are NO clear cut top 5 .

  14. Does it matter? Regardless who the Jags pick, they’ll remain a moribund franchise for years to come.

  15. The only player worth that 1st pick is Jameson Williams. You wanna help Trevor, then help him. The current WRs all are 2s and 3s. Give him that elite #1.

  16. Read Peter King’s article in FMIA from the 18th of April, and you’ll see what a lot of GM’s and coaches think of Walker. Most don’t believe he should not be the first pick but they also know Baalke well enough to know that is something he would do.

  17. When a guy goes from a consensus late first-round pick to the number one pick in the draft without any games being played, you might wonder about the sanity of the person making the first pick.

  18. Read Peter King’s article in April 18 edition of FMIA and you’ll see what some GM’s and coaches think. They don’t believe he should go number 1, but they know Baalke well enough to know that’s what he’ll probably do.

  19. For someone who says they don’t care about mock drafts, you sure spend a lot of time, and mention in multiple posts, how much you don’t care about mock drafts. Thou dost protest too much.

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