Are the Texans thinking about a quarterback at No. 13?

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As the draft approaches, more and more teams are conducting pre-draft press conferences. We sent the league office an email earlier regarding whether these sessions are mandatory. If they aren’t, there’s nothing to be gained by talking publicly about the team’s plans for the coming selection.

Anything you say can and will be used against you, by other teams drafting behind you and thinking about trying to trade up and draft in front of you. in order to get the guy they think you want before you can. If forced to say anything, the best play is to say something that advances your strategic goals.

Against that background, consider Texans coach Love Smith’s response to a question from Tuesday regarding the possibility of adding another quarterback to the roster.

“As a general rule, I guess you can have four,” Smith said. “Some teams have four. I think once you have three quarterbacks on your roster you should feel pretty good about that, and we do. We keep all options open, but we feel good about our quarterback room right now, leading off with Davis Mills. I’ve talked about him and our feeling about who our leader will be.”

The notion that the Texans already have three quarterbacks under contract shouldn’t exclude the possibility of acquiring one in the draft who will be better than the ones they have. So could Smith have been simply trying to throw dirt on the possibility of a quarterback being taken by the Texans at No. 13? If teams drafting behind them think they’re considering that (like the Steelers at No. 20), they may try to jump in front of them, by for example striking a deal with the Vikings to get the No. 12 selection.

And if the Texans truly are fine with Davis Mills (and some believe they are), why not create the impression that they’d consider a quarterback at No. 13? If they don’t want a quarterback but they can persuade someone else to trade up and take a quarterback, that pushes the players the Texans would select farther down the board.

It’s a simple psychological reality of the pre-draft process. If you’re interested in a given position, create the impression you’re not. If you’re not, create the impression you are. That basic reality needs to be considered when considering anything coaches and General Managers say in the days leading up to the draft.

8 responses to “Are the Texans thinking about a quarterback at No. 13?

  1. Why wouldn’t they? If teams think they are going to pick a QB they may trade in front of them resulting in the real player they wanted dropping to them at 13.

  2. This team has so many holes that they certainly don’t need to target a QB with 13, and I think the rest of the NFL knows that, especially when they’ve already said they want to stick with Mills at least for the time being. Their goal is probably to shoot for Bryce Young next year and at least Mills can fill that gap until then.

  3. Doesn’t everyone know by now that you can’t trust anything a GM says this time of year? So if a guy says he’s interested in a quarterback, why would you assume that’s true? You can’t say you shouldn’t talk about a particular player or position because you’re giving away who you’re interested in while at the same time saying you must not be interested in anyone that you’re talking about.

  4. Mills is their guy…and they aren’t taking OL at 3 or 13. It’s pretty funny to hear all the dumb takes from out of town/national media who don’t know what’s really going on.

  5. The Texans are set at QB for years to come. They just need to build a solid team around him.

  6. No, but they want people to think they are. They are actually thinking of trading the 13 for more ammunition, maybe even get a team to give them next years 1st

  7. This reeks of gamesmanship, which isn’t ideal when you want to be taken seriously. Mills is solid enough. You’re not replacing him with a total rookie and hoping to get better results year 1, and no one on the board is looking like franchise material.

  8. “darthobama says:
    April 27, 2022 at 10:22 am
    Mills is their guy…and they aren’t taking OL at 3 or 13. It’s pretty funny to hear all the dumb takes from out of town/national media who don’t know what’s really going on.”

    The only player who makes since for the Texans @ #3 and the defense is Gardner.

    I think they will take OL Ekwonu @ #3 to bolster the OL/running game. Then take Hamilton @ #13.

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