Bears in “good place” with Byron Pringle despite arrest

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Bears wide receiver Byron Pringle was arrested in Florida last weekend and General Manager Ryan Poles addressed that development during a Tuesday press conference.

Pringle faces charges of reckless driving and driving with a suspended license after he was observed squealing his tires, burning rubber, and doing a doughnut by law enforcement officers. Pringle signed with the Bears this offseason and Poles, who was in Kansas City with Pringle the last four years, said he does not believe this is indicative of the wideout’s character.

“I know him very well. And it’s not a reflection of who he is at all,” Poles said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “You don’t want your guys in the news at all . . . [so] it’s a disappointment. But we had a good conversation about it. We’re in a good place. We’ll keep [the details] internal.”

Pringle could face discipline under the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy as a result of the arrest. He signed a one-year, $4 million deal with Chicago.

9 responses to “Bears in “good place” with Byron Pringle despite arrest

  1. Was it stupid? Yes. Young men have been known to do things like that once in a while. It’s a misdemeanor, so let’s not blow it out of proportion.

  2. UM, you do doughnuts with a kid inside on a suspended license….that’s who you are

  3. “We’re in a good place”. That should tell you everything about the NFL enablers.

  4. Is it JUST ME, or is it totally incomprehensible when a lawyer or advocate declares of a client that took an action that “it’s not reflective of who they are.”???

    Who is it reflective of? Their neighbor? Their dog? So lame…

    Similar to the “Anybody who knows me, knows this is not who I am.” Oh, I see.. if we just “KNOW YOU” better, then we understand your criminal or stupid or immoral act is just somehow “NOT YOU. SMDH…

  5. I’ve had a suspended license. And used to beg my dad and brothers to do donuts when I was a kid. Good memories. I’m not going to get all outraged over this and throw stones.

  6. What he’s really saying is I vouched for his character when we signed him and I don’t want to look like an idiot because of this . Glad that he’s in a “good place” with a guy who not only endangered himself but others including the juvenile that was in his car . Add in his confrontational attitude with the police and it’s easy to see Poles is a chip off the old block with his excuse making for this type of behavior from his players .

  7. So much for culture change in Halas Hall. This is EXACTLY how the prior regime would have handled this, i.e., doing nothing.

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