Betting odds have Derek Stingley moving up, possibly to Texans at No. 3

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LSU cornerback Derek Stingley is moving up draft boards.

Actually, no one really knows for sure whether any player is moving up or down on the 32 teams’ draft boards, and many teams say their draft boards are already locked in well before today, one day before the first round of the 2022 NFL draft. But the betting odds on Stingley have shifted recently, suggesting that there’s increasing confidence that Stingley will be a high pick from the people willing to put money behind their draft predictions.

Stingley is now the betting favorite to go with the third overall pick in the draft. That’s where the Texans are picking, and cornerback is a position where the Texans would like to improve.

The betting odds also suggest that Stingley is more likely than not to go off the board within the first seven picks, whereas previously he was viewed as likely to go outside the Top 10.

So whether Stingley is actually moving up draft boards or not, there’s certainly a strong public perception that NFL teams are high on him, perhaps high enough to take him third overall.

5 responses to “Betting odds have Derek Stingley moving up, possibly to Texans at No. 3

  1. They’re going to take a corner at number 3, but not the one who is by far the best in the draft? How very Texans of them.

  2. Is this Darryl Stingley’s grandson? Wow I’m old. I’m going to be rooting for this kid where ever he ends up

  3. supercharger says:
    April 27, 2022 at 10:57 am
    I like Gardner a lot and think he could go as high as 2.
    Cool, care to discuss Derek Stingley, or are you leaving your Stingley opinion on the Sauce Gardner posts?

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