Darren Waller: “There’s no trade that’s going to happen”

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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A recent report suggested that the Raiders may trade tight end Darren Waller to the Packers. In response, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said there’s “no chance” that will happen.

Appearing Wednesday night on CBS Sports Radio with Zach Gelb, Waller basically said the same thing.

“I’ve had talks with the team, and they said this is not a thing that’s happening,” Waller said. “There’s no trade that’s going to happen.”

That’s as clear as it gets. So if there were any trade talks, it sounds as if those talks have ended and Waller will stay with the Raiders.

That said, we know by now how fluid the NFL can be. If, for example, the Packers are unable to get the pass catchers they’re targeting in the 2022 draft, maybe they come calling again. If they were even calling in the first place.

25 responses to “Darren Waller: “There’s no trade that’s going to happen”

  1. The media has been trying to trade Carr for five years now. Now they’ve moved to Waller.

  2. Too bad for him… he could have gone from a historically losing franchise that is almost guaranteed to finish last in the division to a perineal playoff team that is virtually guaranteed to win their horrible division. And let’s not even get into the gigantic quality differential of QB’s…

  3. Sunrises, sunsets, death, taxes and NFL trades when we hear ‘a trade isn’t going to happen’.

  4. Waller is a cornerstone player for the Raiders. McDaniel would be a fool to trade him. But stranger things have happened.

  5. He will be on another team by tonight. The Raiders are a total dumpster fire with the worst management and ownership in the league.

  6. When Gruden and Mayock were hired a couple years ago the Raiders fans were so excited. When the Raiders moved to Vegas the Raiders fans were bragging.

    Here were are a year later and Gruden and Mayock fired and the Raiders don’t have a home field advantage in Vegas as no locals there want them or have any desire to root for this disaster team.

    Waller should be begging to be traded, the Raiders have no draft picks!

  7. I don’t think the Raiders would be in the market to weaken their team being in the juggernaut that is the AFCW. I can’t see McDaniels going for that either. Waller was Carr’s favorite target before Adams arrived and having Waller will open up things for everyone else. They have a nice offense over there with Carr, Jacobs, Waller, Adams, and Renfrow.

  8. Makes no sense to me when tabs obtain a star to finally get s string rooster in place just so they can ship stars out and then have to make desperate moves to try to replace the player they got rid of. Some managers think this is fantasy football, and it’s not.

  9. Packers need to live in the real world draft a promising TE like Rucketts out of Ohio st in the 4th rd and develop him that’s what we do best.

  10. Hahaha, Pack fans were STILL convinced it would happen, even after Carr shut it down. Now what do you think?

  11. numba1wiscosportsfan says:
    April 27, 2022 at 10:43 pm
    Don’t even want or need him on the pack! We are stacked
    Actually, you’ve lost more talent then you’ve added. Even with your QB playing at a MVP level, the Pack cannot make it to the big show. Enjoy your less of a stacked team.

  12. Well the Packers didn’t get the receiver or receivers they wanted so they offered 28 and their second round and their second next year and magically the Raiders changed their minds in the blink of an eye! Oh the deal was too good to pass up is what we heard! Don’t believe anything you here,All fake news! Everyone is expendable!

  13. The guy that called the Packers “ perineal “ just made my day, although recent perennial heartbreak is true.

  14. Maybe if Foster Moreau was a little better, they would consider a trade, but he showed last year he is not ready.

  15. Do you want millions and live in Vegas or millions and a little more to live in Green Bay Wisconsin? lol

  16. It’s a good thing NFL teams never lie or mislead on such topics,….ahem, as if. A trade for Waller may or may not happen, as a Packer fan I can live with either outcome. But let’s not pooh pooh the possiblity. It’s been reported and confirmed that the orignianl Adams trade was for the Raiders #1 pick AND Waller, the NFL rejected it because of something in the collective bargaining agreement about franchised players. Anyway, Waller to GB makes a LOT of sense, but that doesn’t mean it will happen. He is currently seriously underpaid, so the Raiders or whomever he plays for will have to pony up.

  17. Raiders TE room is stacked
    Waller Moreau
    And they might add one more through the draft to compete with the other I can’t remember the name of

    Everyone is expendable but a 30yr old waller that was injured will not be valued enough to get high draft picks. Those in the know, know this.

    The rest of you, are just being played like click pawns.

    Raider have what it takes to compete in this division. The three losses the chiefs will take against bills bucks and bengals will even things up some as well.

    Raider nation is very much looking forward to the rest of the NFL NOT having ANY film on them. Yes McDaniels has tendencies, but with these players, that will change some.

  18. Waller is a cornerstone player for the Raiders. McDaniel would be a fool to trade him. But stranger things have happened.

    Keep in mind we’re talking about the guy responsible for Tebow Mania…

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