David Tepper claims Panthers have “a very good quarterback in Sam Darnold”

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Last year, the Panthers made the surprising decision to trade for Sam Darnold and go into the season with Darnold as their unquestioned starting quarterback. It did not go well, but the team’s owner isn’t ready to throw in the towel on Darnold.

Panthers owner David Tepper said today that he still believes in Darnold.

“I do think we have a very good quarterback in Sam Darnold,” Tepper said.

Tepper defended the decision to trade a second-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to the Jets for Darnold, who is owed a guaranteed salary of $18.585 million this season.

“At the time that we made the trade, Sam’s compensation was moderate, and what the coaching staff and what the scouting staff thought at the time was he was a very talented young man,” Tepper said. “He still does have incredible skills.”

Darnold hasn’t shown much of those incredible skills, and it’s still unclear whether the Panthers will go into the 2022 season with Darnold as their starter. But Tepper sounds ready to stick with Darnold for another year.

37 responses to “David Tepper claims Panthers have “a very good quarterback in Sam Darnold”

  1. This is exactly the reason people always say never believe a word an NFL executive says leading up to the draft!

  2. David Tepper claims Panthers have “a very good quarterback in Sam Darnold”
    No, he doesn’t. Four years of bad play says otherwise.

  3. What else is he going to say? If they don’t draft another QB or trade for one you have to keep Darnold happy going into the season!

  4. Sometimes we have to toe the line to keep our jobs. But Darnold could actually work out you never know.

  5. Normally the Jets are the ones who get fleeced on a trade. This time they did the fleecing.

  6. We’re not buying, Tepper! We’ve already checked the Carfax on that used car and see the collision history! The insurance company should have declared it totaled!

  7. A “very good QB” had just below a 60% completion rate; has more INTs then TDs the last two seasons; missed games in all four of his seasons; when mic’ed up, said he was “seeing ghosts.” Tepper and Donald should clear everything out after the season.

  8. I think to win with Darnold they need to have a very regimented offense. Conservative play calling. Running game, play action. Similar to the framework around Tannehill in Tennessee. Asking him to do too much won’t work out.

  9. The sad thing is that Darnold probably has more talent than any QB in this years draft. I think that the Panthers should try to get a left tackle with the 6th pick. I wouldn’t waste the number 6 pick on any of the QB’s in this years draft. Mayfield is better than this years class. Maybe get him for a 6th or 7th round pick and try to get the Browns to pay part of his salary.

  10. Sam Darnold is a perfect example of why the talk about “high ceiling” for a QB is very overrated. Sam has all the measureables, good size, great arm, good mobility but can’t play QB at this level.

  11. Do you really believe this guy??? Based on last year’s performance, I certainly don’t.

  12. I’ll listen to Carolina fans opinions over any Jets fan opinions on Darnold. The Jets are the worst drafting team in history.

  13. So 1 day before the draft he states Darnold is a good qb. Why would he state that and not say “we have a good RB or LT or LB”? He’s an amateur at this.

  14. Sam Darnold is a better NFL QB than David Tepper is an NFL owner.


    That’s a lowwww bar.

  15. This is only proof that Tepper is a good case for having random drug tests among NFL owners if only “for the good of the team”…..

  16. Has Darnold ever stood a chance playing for 2 of the worst run franchises in the league?

  17. Once again, David Tepper claims the title of “The Smartest Guy In the Room” (sarcasm)

  18. There are a ton of canon armed qb’s coming out of college who can handle the snap, make a handoff or chuck it downfield. Then some team hitches their wagon to one of them and kills the career of several coaches and/ or gms in the process of learning that there is a lot more to the QB role than arm strength.

  19. Translated: We are bluffing. We are really trying to trade for Baker Mayfield but the Browns are asking for too much.

  20. Keep your eye on the draft. If the painters go Quarterback in the first round, we will know the truth.

  21. Sam Darnold is very talented, a hard worker, and a great, stand-up kid. Give him some luck for the first time in his pro career, e.g., a decent offensive line, health for Christian McCaffrey and himself, good play calling – the Panthers will win games.

  22. At least he’s not getting “Mayfielded”…

    ie: When a team not only throws a player under the bus but backs up and runs over him several times..

  23. If Sam Darnold was playing in the USFL I would agree with David Tepper.

  24. Go ahead and keep Darnold and do every team a favor. If Darnold is you starting QB, you’re essentially throwing up the white flag for the year and every other team in the league has one less team they have to worry about.

  25. yolo2020 says:
    April 27, 2022 at 1:58 pm
    Has Darnold ever stood a chance playing for 2 of the worst run franchises in the league?

    Absolutely correct. And remember, Gace admitted that he did nothing to develop Darnold when he was with the Jets.

    How does all of this fall on Darnold, as if his performance was in a vacuum? The teams need to develop players – no one comes to the NFL fully-formed and ready, especially at QB. It’s not that Darnold is a “bad” QB, it’s that the NFL, to this point, has failed him.

    Show some patience and improve the team around him, because no QB is going to plug into the Carolina offense and magically right the ship. It’s never that simple, especially with a bad team.

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