David Tepper: Matt Rhule has my full support

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers
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Panthers owner David Tepper held a pre-draft press conference on Wednesday that featured votes of confidence in a couple of key members of the organization.

Tepper called Sam Darnolda very good quarterback” amid speculation the team will add another quarterback that General Manager Scott Fitterer has done little to douse. There’s been less focus on head coach Matt Rhule’s immediate job security, but plenty of thoughts that his situation could get dire if he can’t show improvement on a 10-23 record in his first two seasons.

Tepper said that Rhule has his “full support” while discussing the need to have “the patience to build the foundation” for success.

“I do believe that coach Rhule and Scott are doing a great job creating that foundation,” Tepper said, via the team’s website. “I do think we have made improvements in the coaching staff; we have done a good job during free agency to fill holes. Obviously we have some needs, and we’re going to try to attempt to fill some of those in the draft. I’m fairly optimistic about the new season given all the different things that have happened here.”

Nailing the quarterback call would be a good way for Rhule and Fitterer to ensure that April’s support for their work remains in place next January.

20 responses to “David Tepper: Matt Rhule has my full support

  1. In soccer, the ‘vote of confidence’ in the manager is usually a precursor to him getting the sack shortly after Same thing here…

  2. Until that remaining amount about $44 million or so of the $62 million 7 year contract gets a wee bit smaller. Even for a billionaire that is a lot of cash to throw away on his bad decision not to mention his perception as an “owner” moves to that category that includes the Jets, Lions, Cleveland, etc.

  3. Classic. Full Support. Vote of Conficence. The fact an oener feels the need to say anything like that at there are doubts. When is the last time you heard the owner of the Rams say McVay has my full support?

  4. Whenever owners give their coach the dreaded vote of confidence the end is nigh. Rhule will be gone by mid-season.

  5. The dreaded “full support” that ALWAYS precedes a firing. Ouch.

  6. He never should have been hired in the first place. Horrible coach, let him go already.

  7. Until he doesn’t. Rhule I think probably has the highest odds to lose his job before the end of next year. He either will have a retread qb like Bradford, a failed qb like Baker Mayfield or a rookie qb. Hard to succeed in any situation when the Gm didn’t hire you!

  8. Should have torn it down and let Rivera try again with a fresh crop of players. Now Panthers are going to be searching for a coach again at the end of the season. Just a bad hire of both Coach and GM.

  9. It’s not a good sign when a corporate owner is out front this much and expressing strong opinions about football matters.

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