Deebo Samuel decries people talking “about a situation they know nothing about”

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San Francisco wide receiver Deebo Samuel has once again used social media to talk about his ongoing issues with the 49ers, without actually clearing anything up.

This time, Samuel posted on Twitter to complain that people are talking about his situation without knowing the facts. Unfortunately, Samuel didn’t explain what the facts are.

“To real to entertain half the stuff y’all be saying but it do be funny though,” Samuel wrote, “everybody want they voice to be heard about a situation they know nothing about and just be saying whatever the next person say. Have a blessed day.”

But if Samuel doesn’t want people talking about a situation they know nothing about, why doesn’t Samuel himself just clear the air? If he wants to be traded by the 49ers, he could say so. If he wants a new contract to stay with the 49ers, he could say so. If he dislikes the way the 49ers’ offense uses him, he could say so.

He is saying none of those things. Instead, he’s posting cryptic social media messages.

However, cryptic social media messages have become the way NFL players show that they’re not happy with their current teams. Samuel seems to be hinting that he wants out, even if he isn’t directly saying so.

44 responses to “Deebo Samuel decries people talking “about a situation they know nothing about”

  1. The only reason anyone knows anything about it is because Deebo made it known. Otherwise it would be between him and the team.

  2. Maybe stay off of social media, cupcake. People only know about this because of Deebo. The 9ers certainly didn’t put it out there.

  3. NFL players are like those angry single moms who post on FB “Girl, I’m just over it!” but when friends ask what’s wrong they reply “I don’t want to talk about it here on FB.”

  4. It’s funny that everyone does all they can to keep negotiations a secret … then complain that people speculate.

  5. He is probably 100% correct…

    But that isn’t going to stop Social Media from pan frying him…

    Deebo is in a lose/lose situation… even if he DOES explain his side of the story… half of Social Media isn’t going to believe it anyway.

  6. Looks to me like Deebo could us some tutelage on how to express your thoughts via the written English word.

  7. All needless drama he brought on himself because he couldn’t just wait, be patient and let things resolve.

  8. That man doesn’t owe you entitled people of this world any clarification. You all are going to twist what he says anyway.

  9. Maybe he wants to be somewhere else, closer to a different university, where he can go back to school to be an English major?

  10. Another case of Gen Z struggling to act as an adult.

    Deebo, we love you in SF, don’t let your agent run your career for their own benefit.

  11. He doesn’t need to explain his issues except to the 49ers. Other than that it’s nobodies business.

  12. Well if the football thing doesn’t work out, at least he can become a literary writer.

  13. It is sad to watch a great athlete turn into a Diva overnight. Deebo also has no business on Twitter until he takes some remedial coursework on English.

  14. Removing team-related social media, and then complaining about speculation is so cowardly, and unfortunately, the new norm.

  15. Then set the record straight. If what is being reported is so off why not tell us why? Reporters have become easy targets, no one likes the messanger.

  16. Deebo started all of the speculation with his tweets and social media shenanigans. Now he’s upset that people are talking about it?


  17. They say that money is the root of all evil. It’s safe then to say that social media is the root of all stupidity.

  18. Hey Deebo, tell your agent to stop spreading the gossip, and you too…

    In actuality, nobody really cares about your situation, we all have real problems to deal with.

  19. I think Deebo already let people know he asked for a new contract and due to the team being unwilling to honor his request he then let everyone know he wanted to be traded !! No confusion on Debo’s stance . Pay him his due or let him go one way or another !!

  20. He’s gone at the 10th pick.
    Niner management has little patience for divas and other head cases.

  21. Where’s his history of producing. One outstanding season and this deebo wants Adam’s money. Wow.

  22. No fans of a team like a #1 receiver who gives up on their team, that’s all I know.

  23. It hurts my brain to read that. Can anyone on social media form coherent sentences? Or is this considered a normal and acceptable way to communicate?

  24. Eloquently stated Deebo. Maybe the grade school, high school, and college you attended should be investigated. Spoiled and uneducated….but he can catch a ball and run with a ball. An indictment of the education of athletes if ever there was one.

  25. Deebo, you’re the one doing all the talking. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, stop running your mouth.

  26. then publicly tell us what is going on, or stop whining. You know media and fans are going to run with anything they hear. If you don’t want that put a stop to it.

  27. Good talent, but he was injured in College and also throughout the course of his NFL career. Hes not DK, Tyreek, or AJ Brown as far as a wide receiver goes. That being said, I could see the Jets getting fleeced for two firsts

  28. Kinda what happens when you negotiate through the media. Everybody speculates, fans get fatigued and alienated.

    Nobody talks about Bosa’s contract situation because his camp is handling it correctly – behind closed doors and out the public eye.

  29. There is one fact that even DeeBoy has failed to grasp – you signed a contract. Honor it or be subject to conjecture that you have earned.

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