Each team has up to $167,944 to use as signing bonuses for undrafted players

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With the draft consisting of only seven rounds, a land rush will inevitably emerge for players who aren’t selected. The league limits the amount of money that teams can offer to undrafted free agents in the form of signing bonuses.

The NFL Players Association has informed agents that each team has $167,944 each to use as signing bonuses for undrafted free agents in 2022. That’s the total amount available for the full class of free agents.

Teams also can guarantee all or part of the base salary, and they can offer a higher salary than the minimum for the player’s level of experiences. Teams often guarantee part of the salary; they never pay more than the minimum salary to an undrafted player.

Plenty of undrafted players becomes legitimate NFL contributors. Examples include Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, Hall of Fame John Randle (who was undrafted at a time when the draft had 12 rounds), Hall of Famer Warren Moon (same), Antonio Gates, James Harrison, and Tony Romo.

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  1. I’m not sure how or why, but I have a feeling Aaron Rodgers is going to try to get some of that money from the Packers…he probably thinks they owe it to him.

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