Justin Simmons: Every AFC West game will be all chips in the middle of the table

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We will start to learn the schedule for the 2022 NFL season during the first round of the draft on Thursday night when the league announces the participants in the Week 2 kickoff for the Thursday Night Football schedule.

That will be a prime time game and, given the way the offseason played out, it wouldn’t come as a huge surprise if it involved teams from the AFC West. The Broncos traded for Russell Wilson, the Raiders added Davante Adams and Chandler Jones, and the Chargers picked up Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson as they made moves designed to end the Chiefs’ reign as division champs.

Kansas City won’t have Tyreek Hall as they try to keep their hold on the AFC West, but Patrick Mahomes is still around and the 12 divisional games figure to be among the most impactful on the conference playoff race this year. Broncos safety Justin Simmons said on Wednesday that the significance of those game is not lost on him.

“It’s going to be prime time every time an AFC West game is on,” Simmons said, via Mike Klis of KUSA. “It’s going to be all chips in the middle of the table.”

Other AFC teams also made all in moves this offseason, but, the way things look right now, there’s less wiggle room in the AFC West than any other divisions and that makes it hard to argue with Simmons’ view that everyone’s going to have to be all in every week to rise to the top.

20 responses to “Justin Simmons: Every AFC West game will be all chips in the middle of the table

  1. Until proven otherwise, Mahomes 7 the Chiefs are still the class of the division.
    With or without Hill.

  2. Gonna be fun to watch. The Raiders will win that division as the Chiefs will badly miss Tyreek Hill. The Chargers still don’t have enough good players and Wilson is kinda average at this point and won’t put the Broncos over the top.

  3. Broncos will win that division. Come back in January 2023 to witness this comments prediction.

  4. As a Bills fan, I hope every single AFC West game goes is incredibly physical and goes to overtime.

  5. The Raiders have some chips in place to make a run, but with a new coaching staff who knows how it will play out.

  6. Broncos will be last in the division. Least amount of talent. Russ or no Russ. Sorry Dillon.

  7. Until you beat the Chiefs, it’s their division. Period. Yes Tyreek is gone. They have 12 draft picks and the most cap space in the division. I like their chances.

  8. Justin Herbert and the re-vamped defense will ensure the Chargers as the new division champs.

  9. Chargers will be in last place, if Staley keeps up with his 4th down nonsense. How Harbaugh got more criticism going for 2 than this guy going on 4th down, at his own 30, is beyond me.

  10. Finally after decades and decades of the NFC beating up on each other and while Tom Brady gets an easy ride … I’m happy to see this as an NFC watcher.
    Whoever created these match-ups, east? Dallas, Washington, Giants, Philly… Which one is east? Really the NfC media

  11. Back to back to back to back to back to back champs Kansas City will own this division once again. The other three shall battle for second place but three teams out of AFC West make playoffs this year.

  12. Mahomes is 4-1 without Hill. Mahomes was injured in the loss. In the wins, the leading receivers, four different people, average 115 reception yards per game.

  13. The NFL should trade the Seattle Tanksters back to where they started the AFC West and Move the Chieftans to the NFC. Divisions would even out, We’d get two games a year of Russ vs Pete (for now), and we’d get a more competitive NFC Overall. Plus, Patrick Mahomes Vs Josh Allen: Super Bowl Edition.

  14. Every game will be a total battle in the AFC West. Haven’t seen this kind of division fight in 55 years of following the NFL. Should be a great show.

  15. No skin in the game. But raiders in last place, chargers start strong but fade and end up in 3rd. It’s a toss up between broncos and chiefs, not sure which way it goes. No matter what, definitely the best division in football right now by far.

  16. It’s STILL the Chiefs division to lose. 12 draft picks and the most cap room in the division. Not happening this year.

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