Marcus Brady: Matt Ryan fits our offense perfectly


After three meetings with Matt Ryan last week, head coach Frank Reich estimated the Colts have tweaked 10 percent of their offense to reflect the quarterback’s preferences.

“A lot of it is, ‘OK, this is the type of offense we run here,'” offensive coordinator Marcus Brady said, via Mike Chappell of Fox 59. “A lot of the concepts are stuff he’s ran himself, and then just tailoring it to him. We watched a lot of his film once we did sign him and tried to get a feel for what he likes and what he’s good at and then kind of emphasize (that).

“Last week when he came in, he kind of brought some ideas as well of some things he’s done over the years that we kind of want to add. It’s an opportunity for us to grow and learn from him as well.”

The Colts have another bridge quarterback, considering Ryan turns 37 next month, but after a year of Carson Wentz, they are excited to have the 14-year veteran. Ryan has been like a coach on the field with the team’s young receivers and like a coach in the meeting room with Reich and Brady.

“He fits our offense perfectly,” Brady said. “He wants to get the ball out quickly. He’s in rhythm. He’s an accurate quarterback.’’

4 responses to “Marcus Brady: Matt Ryan fits our offense perfectly

  1. I will probably never like Wentz, but is Ryan really an upgrade? Wentz at least had a ceiling. Matt’s basically at his floor daily.

  2. Absolute upgrade over Wentz. Can’t wait to see Matty Ice tear it up in Indy!

  3. Ryan was the main reason the Falcons won the few games they did these last few years. The talent level of the Colts should show better results. Respect Ryan, hate the Colts. What’s a guy to do?

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