Mark Davis: “I believe in Colin Kaepernick”

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As coaches were being asked about the ongoing absence of quarterback Colin Kaepernick from the NFL, we had a simple suggestion.

Ask the owners.

After all, they’re the ones who are keeping him out. They’re the ones who decided (collectively, allegedly) to not employ him after he exercised his right to protest during the national anthem throughout the 2016 NFL season.

But owners are rarely if ever asked about Kaepernick. Recently, it happened. In Race in America: A Candid Conversation, a production of, host Monte Poole asked Raiders owner Mark Davis about Kaepernick.

I believe in Colin Kaepernick,” Davis said. “He deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League. I still stand by it. If our coaches and General Manager want to bring him in or want him to be the quarterback on this team, I would welcome him with open arms.”

That answer, while admirable in isolation, glosses over the reality that the current quarterbacks on the Las Vegas roster other than starter Derek Carr are Garrett Gilbert and Nick Mullens. The Raiders could easily justify adding Kaepernick and then, if he performs well enough, moving on from Gilbert and Mullens.

Complicating matters for Kaepernick is the fact that he recently said he expects to start once he proves he’s worthy. The Raiders have an entrenched starter. Kaepernick would have to modify his objective before landing a roster spot with the Raiders.

But they could give Kaepernick a chance to practice, to prove himself. To play in the preseason. To put together the kind of film that would make it easier for someone else to sign him. Since Davis runs the show, he could instruct his football people to do it. Indeed, one of the benefits of being the owner is never having to make specific instructions like that.

“I think Colin is a very misunderstood human being,” Davis said. “I’ve gotten a chance to talk to him. I never really knew Colin, and I didn’t understand him. I didn’t understand the kneeling, what that meant initially. Over time, I have learned a little bit more about it.”

Plenty of others continue to refuse to understand Kaepernick’s decision to protest during the anthem. That’s one of the reasons why teams that currently don’t have franchise quarterbacks on the roster continue to avoid him. They don’t want to anger or alienate fans who will never understand what Kaepernick did, and who will always hate him for it.

Will the things Mark Davis said make a difference? Probably not. But it’s good that he said what he said. It will be even better if other owners are asked about Kaepernick, too.

The next opportunity will come when they gather for quarterly meetings in May.

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  1. I expect to see this story on the site’s “most commented” list for a while… Should be a fun read 😏

  2. If he’s willing to take the minimum I don’t see why the Raiders can’t use him the same way we used Mariota last year.

  3. And I believe in Santa Claus.
    Cause at least that belief will give me a realistic chance for some presents rather than a lump of coal with a number seven on it.

  4. Colin played his college football at Nevada. What could be a better fit?
    Give your staff the OK to bring him in, Mark.
    This would give you the opportunity to be the rebel and iconoclast that your father was.

  5. It is an easy question to answer when you have a defined starter at QB. I would love to see the question asked to a QB needy team owner.

  6. So we’re back to ask the GM? So glad we got Mark Davis to weigh in so we can immediately get right back to the beginning… the obvious point, which is that no backup QB is worth this much trouble.

  7. Mark Davis should be like his Dad and go against the rest of the NFL and give Kaepernick a chance. Kaepernick isn’t going to beat out Carr but it would be nice if some team would give him a chance. Who knows if he can still play after all of these years but it makes all NFL owners look bad if they don’t give him another chance.

  8. I’m so disappointed the Vikings passed on Harbaugh and Kap. No state in the union deserves a player like Kap more than Minnesota.

  9. Raiders one of the few teams that have proven themselves not racist with deeds.

  10. The only one that I think has any precedent of being gone for so long and coming back at a high level is Mike Vick. But he wasn’t gone for nearly as long.

  11. 49er fans recall how he never learned how to read a Defense, and then was so unproductive that he fell behind Blaine Gabbert on the depth chart. He didn’t start kneeling until he was already sitting.

  12. “I believe in Colin Kaepernick” (I’m just not going to sign him)

    That was pretty much a virtue signal Hail Mary put that next to “I can breathe again”

    . Thanks, Mark.

    (dont want him anywhere near my Raiders , props for the DC Extension, bro)

  13. They don’t need him, since they have Carr, but I don’t understand why Seattle doesn’t give him a try. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  14. Not the first time Mark has said this. Good for him. I’d love to see Kaep get a shot with the Raiders. Of course you’re not wanting to see him as the starter for your team, but if Carr goes down and the Raiders need to win a game or two, you take an in-shape Kaep over Gilbert or Mullens eight days a week.

  15. I believe Colin is not so good (anymore).

    There were plenty of other players that knelt etc…
    That issue is very over blown these days.

  16. As an owner of the Green Bay Packers you can put me on record that I do not think he deserves a chance to play in the NFL. As far as I’m concerned he can go play in another country like Canada an kneel during their National Anthem!

  17. “The next opportunity will come when they gather for quarterly meetings in May.”

    Why? Is there a rule prohibiting reporters from calling and asking?

  18. the dude could easily show us what he’s got in the tank by signing up in the USFL, XFL, or CFL. He has consistently turned his back on these opportunities. I have no use for this dude

  19. Geezzz, someone please take him to camp and finally get an up or down vote on his play…

  20. Last 3 seasons as a pro averaged 2,408yds, 13.5 TDs, and 6.3 INTs per season. In that time he put together 3 straight non-winning seasons and a record of 11-24 … but you can’t figure out why 6 years after his last NFL pass teams aren’t signing him? He has had 1 good season in the last decade, let it go.

  21. Then why not sign him and let him compete with Derrick Carr if Davis “believes” in him? Or does Davis just believe in him for OTHER teams.

  22. As much as you want to push a narrative, Kaep is out of the NFL because his talent is not greater than his drama. Nothing more. Nothing less. He’s not ever coming back, because he’s not good enough to elevate a team. He’s maybe good enough to be a bottom half starter. He’s good enough to be a back up, but no staff is going to sign up for weekly questions about when Kaep will start?, only to be deemed racist when he inevitably never does.

  23. In his final season in SF he threw for just over 2200 yards in 11 games, winning 1 and losing 10 games. He was under 60% completion. The year before that was somewhat worse, and the year before that was about the same. Kirk Cousins is better than this scrub.

  24. I like everything that was said except the part about how Mark Davis, “could instruct his football people to,” sign Kaepernick.

    Yes, I believe that he deserves another chance in the NFL and is very likely better than a lot of the current backup and third-string QB’s who are currently under contact in the NFL are, but I don’t like it when owners meddle in personnel decisions. Not all owners need to be like Al Davis and Jerry Jones used to be or (in Jones’ case) may still be.

    Let the coaches and GM’s do their jobs, I say.

  25. I think Jeff George at whatever age he is NOW would stand a better chance of starting in the NFL right now…

  26. so sign him
    he’s 35 or whatever
    noone is wasting a dime on this
    if he was any good, at all, the soul merchants of the NFL would have gladly added to the ledger
    look at Cleveland and their most recent franchise ruining move,
    by owners that admit they’re idiots

  27. Until a team brings him in, it’s silly to say what Kaep can and can’t do.

  28. I keep believing that the best thing happening for Kaep is to NOT be given a contract. As long as he is not in pads and competing against pro NFL defenses, everyone can pretend to forget that when he had every advantage, he played his way into the bench behind Blane Gabbert. As soon as he is back behind center, all the experts will go “oh, yeah, I remember now” and Kaep’s entire current career as a shadow NFL QB will evaporate.

  29. I like how Kaep says he expects to start once he proves he’s worthy. Uh, he lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert then asked to be released. Does no one remember that part of it? He lost his starting job to Blaine Gabbert who also lost his starting job because neither of them could read a defense. That hasn’t changed over 4 years.

  30. Kaepernick took too many sacks and hits in 2014. That, plus the style of play running the pistol throughout college and the pros, shook his brain a little loose. Kaepernick never completed 290 passes in any of his 6 seasons. Vick never completed 255 passes. Mariota is a better passer than these two but also hasn’t completed 290 passes in a season.

  31. You don’t just walk into a backup QB job. He’d have to come into someone’s camp and just tear it up to get on a roster. Only reason he wouldn’t is because of his following. No one wants a circus. Mark Davis is trying to score some PR points here but I don’t think they’ll be bringing in a mid 30’s QB who hasn’t played competitive football in years. You can say all you want that Kap was blackballed but you have to agree that not everything was because he kneeled. He helped himself out of the league with his play and refusal to be paid anything less than starter money. His play earned him a prove it deal. He didn’t want it.

  32. I always thought that if he made it back in the NFL, he would kneel again at some point, and just set the whole place on fire, exactly like they feared he would, which might be closer to the truth about why nobody will sign him – the teams aren’t being racist or whatever, they’re understandably scared that Kap will embarrass them again in some major way, as soon as he feels things aren’t going his way again.

  33. I understand Kaepernick just fine. He said what he said because he doesn’t really want to play. We saw what he did when they set up a tryout for him. he didn’t show up, and pulled a last minute venue change, and he self sabotaged it. He knows he ultimately could embarrass himself after being out of the league so long, and if it gets confirmed that he’s washed up after all he has said, and the circus atmosphere he created, it will kill his ability to grift on social issues, and that’s been pretty lucrative. He’s not going to get sneaker contracts if he goes out on the field and flames out. This is all talk. He will never ever make a serious effort at a comeback. Ever.

  34. Kap 》Carr
    Winning percentage, playoff appearances and wins, skill set, mental toughness………should I continue?

  35. If Kap did this in 2012 or 2013 when he was good, nobody would care, and as a matter of fact, he would have probably gotten a lot of support – because he was good. No different than the NBA media in the 80s labeling Joe Barry Carroll as “Joe Barely Cares” when he missed a practice, but when Michael Jordan missed a practice to go golf, the Rashads of the world would say “Michael stormed out of practice because he is so competitive and he swore Coach Collins had the scrimmage score wrong”

  36. Go look at his stats his last 3 years. We’re expecting that he improved with 6 years off? Staying in shape is far different from seeing live game action. Although, now that I think about it…he may have improved. Surely he could best his last campaign of 1-10.

    Kidding aside, it’s being made out like this guy was Brady or Manning when we left the NFL, not a subpar QB that was benched with 5 games left in his last season. Dude was a combined 3-17 in his last two seasons and his stats weren’t exactly the envy of the league. Let’s take away the kneeling and pretend in a vacuum it didn’t happen. What has he done, on the field specifically, outside of one season, to warrant another shot….6 years after his last snap? That’s a serious question, because I’d love AC explination. I’m confused at why this guy is still relevant or deserves a shot and no one has made the case for it.

  37. Since he opted out of his contract and was not suspended for any reason he could have went to the CFL immediately and kept his “skills” sharp. At any point Kaepernick could have signed with the XFL or AAF to get on to the field and make NFL teams look ridiculous for not signing him. When the USFL started this spring he could have…

    He wanted to walk into the building and be given the starting job. He just now decided to soften his stance and just wants a chance? He couldn’t even finish the collusion case. He settled and agreed to confidentiality agreement.

  38. The year is 2044. The media is still lobbying to have Colin Kaepernick on an NFL roster.

  39. I wish that some team would give him a shot at being a water boy. The fact is that he preferred kneeling over sitting after he was beaten out by Blaine Gabbert six years ago.

  40. Who wants to deal with the drama of that media circus for a backup QB? Time to move on from this worn out narrative.

  41. Is that a good thing!? The guys Davis places his trust in dont exactly have the best track record as of late.

  42. And I believe that his insistence on being a starter is probably among the main reasons no one looks at him. He doesn’t read defenses well and is at best a good back up.

  43. highly disrespectful to assume that Kaepernick is a better option than Gilbert or Mullens. Just because CK was a pro-bowler during the Obama administration doesn’t mean he is a better fit than 2 guys who have been employed in the NFL as backups these last few years.

  44. There are backups making between 5,000,000 (Mason Rudolph) and 8,000,000 (Nick Foles) where it is easy to see Kaepernick would expect to be paid. It is also easy to believe that Kaepernick won’t even play for less than the 8,000,000 that Foles is getting paid. I think the biggest reason Kaepernick isn’t on a team is because of the amount of money he is expecting to make.

  45. Honestly I am surprised Kaep doesnt have 100% support at this point. His supporters have never woken up, so we know about them. But for Kaep’s “haters”, how could you not want him back on a team? Watching him crash and burn would be the ultimate for that group…

  46. Kaepernick quit, walked out on his contract, made a spectacle of himself, sued the league, settled for $10 million, blew off his chance to work out for teams, and somehow still thinks he is a victim. Kaepernick doesn’t make me angry, he makes me laugh.

  47. Watch his documentary about NFL football on Netflix then tell me why this thing would want to play in the NFL or should even be considered for playing in the NFL. He isn’t a good human being in general.

  48. “I believe in Colin Kaepernick,” Davis said. “He deserves every chance in the world to become a quarterback in the National Football League.
    He already had that chance and admittedly played very well his first couple seasons. Then defensive coordinators across the entire NFL figured out that he cannot throw to save his life and they took away his running. The league also changed the rules to hitting a running QB because of his running ability and the way he was being used by the 49ers. That was the end of his playing days, remember he is the QB that had more sack yards than passing yards in a game???? What team and owner really wants a guy who is not a very good QB and will bring a media circus (THAT HE CREATED) with him to that team. Its a huge distraction to any team for a backup QB at best. He also doesnt believe he is a back up but rather a starter. As I remember he had his chance as a starter his last seasons and he want very good.

  49. He blew up a chance to play for the Ravens. He blew up a chance to work out for team reps. He gives every indication he’d disrupt any team hes on. Imagine what would happen if the starter struggled and the coach refused to make a change? Who want to deal with that?

  50. So….the Raiders should bring him in to play and practice so that another team can sign him??

    Seriously?! That’s how it works?? Please…

  51. Not sure why the letter writer refuses to acknowledge that dozens of players, including Eric Reid, continued playing in the NFL despite kneeling for the anthem.

    People keep focusing with a microscope on just Kaepernick and insisting that kneeling has kept him out of the NFL.

    More than fair question: If kneeling results in players being blackballed, then why did all the other players including Eric Reid keep playing??

    Makes no sense. Perhaps Kaepernick’s situation has more to do with his talent level and his actual interest in playing (versus appearing like he wants to play) than anything else. In the end, Kaepernick owns at least 50% of why he hasn’t played. Insisting on a starting job and 20M+ was a strategy that was always going to keep him on the sidelines.

    Perhaps that was by design.

  52. “But they could give Kaepernick a chance to practice, to prove himself. To play in the preseason. To put together the kind of film that would make it easier for someone else to sign him.”
    Why does any team owe this to a player?
    Teams sign players because they believe they might be able to help their team win games.
    Not so the player can put together some “film” so that another team can sign him.

  53. Same rhetoric, same reality. Kaep is NOT a starter, and as long as he lives with that delusion he will stay an “icon”. Go prove yourself in the USFL or Canada…then come back to the NFL with credibility. As of now, you have none.

  54. fbwangus8736 says:
    April 27, 2022 at 6:54 pm
    Mark Davis also thinks soup bowl #5 haircuts are still a good thing.

    66354Rate This



  55. Nick Mullins is better than Kaep, so why would the Raiders sign such a distraction to be a third string QB.

  56. He quit,
    then when offered $$$ to play he said no,
    then he bailed on a special workout with NFL scouts,
    Then he sued the NFL
    Then he was literally given $$$ to just go away, by the NFL

    Bro you are irrelevant and a non factor in any situation in the NFL. If this was anything more than just publicity, you would have played in the other start up leagues, but ya didn’t

    Go away Kaepernick…signed, America

  57. Simple enough then: Invite him to Raiders training camp to compete for a job. The guy hasn’t played in 5 years. To think he could start is the height of arrogance.

    But go ahead Mark, invite him to tryout. My guess is Kap will come up with some sort of excuse to not agree to the deal.

  58. 17TDs vs 4 INTs his last season in the NFL. Not surprised mark Davis isn’t part of the Klan that consists of the 31 other owners in the NFL. My raiders have always been ahead of the curve.

  59. Mark Davis is saying what he has to say, especially after what happened to Gruden last season…
    Kaepernick has not played since 2016 and he wasn’t exactly lighting the world on fire the last few seasons before that…
    The media needs to stop obsessively asking about Kaepernick every time a QB job opens. They know he’s not getting a job. But Kaep shows up for a workout every few months so he can continue to play martyr, which is the only game he wants to play these days.

  60. >>They don’t want to anger or alienate fans.
    Yep, that pretty much sums it up right there, can’t alienate the fan base. The fans buy the tickets to the game, the fans buy the jerseys and sweatshirts, the fans drive the tv ratings, the tv ratings is what drives how much any network will be willing to spend on broadcast rights, the fans are the drivers of a long list of revenue streams for the clubs so yeah… don’t alienate your fan base because when you do, you’re also messing with your team’s bottom line revenue and that’s a big no-no.

  61. I’m so over this conversation. For all the owners, HCs, GMs, etc that think he deserves his shot give him the darn shot. Put your money where your mouth is so we can once and for all prove it one way or the other. He’s willing to take a backup role so if he’s that good, then he can have his backup chance. He still was 1-10 the year he was benched for Blaine Gabbert. Let that sink in.

  62. We live in such fake, phony times now. If Mark Davis wanted to sign him, he would. If Kaepernick really wanted back in the league, he would accept a role as a backup. When you check his career numbers, they are nothing special. His completion percentage isn’t high enough to be considered an elite QB. He doesn’t through enough TD passes, and his Interception rate is a little high. Too much baggage, and too little reward.

  63. bourbonbarrel says:
    April 28, 2022 at 11:14 am
    We live in such fake, phony times now. If Mark Davis wanted to sign him, he would. If Kaepernick really wanted back in the league, he would accept a role as a backup. When you check his career numbers, they are nothing special. His completion percentage isn’t high enough to be considered an elite QB. He doesn’t through enough TD passes, and his Interception rate is a little high. Too much baggage, and too little reward.

    Kap has to be offered a role. He hasn’t. He’s just flat out said that he’d be willing to be a backup.

    As for his QB stats, etc….he’s still has stats far greater than any backup QB in the league. Repeat after me…Kap said that he will accept being a backup and will prove to be a starter. Now, if he proves he’s not capable, then he’ll have to just settle for a backup role.

    He has zero baggage….unless you’re someone that gets upset when a athlete of entertainer speaks up…which would be a ignorant stance.

  64. If Kaepernick believes he should be a starting QB in the NFL in 2022, then I have a $10 beachfront mansion in Kansas to sell him.

  65. Some things get lost in this controversy. Kaep signed a six year contract in 2014, two years later he had played his way behind Gabbert and onto the bench. The coach had made it clear he wanted to cut him in the off season and draft a QB who could run his system. Nobody wants to be cut and certainly no agent wants his meal ticket unemployed. Suddenly it was suggested that social injustice was a thing (been here all along) and Kaep starts kneeling knowing if the 49ers cut him after that he could claim his sub par play had nothing to do with it. Plus his agent keeps his meal ticket employed. Do I think the players who knelt believe there is social injustice, yes I do. If you are going to speak out do it after your super bowl appearance, not when you’re on your way to the unemployment line.

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