Melvin Gordon gets $2.5 million base, $1.5 million in incentives

Broncos vs Chiefs
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The truth has surfaced on the contract struck yesterday between the Broncos and running back Melvin Gordon. It’s another reflection of the depressed nature of the free-agent running back market.

According to Mike Klis of, the one-year deal has a base value of $2.5 million, with another $1.5 million in potential incentives.

That gives the contract an “up to” value of $4 million, not the $5 million that was reported last night.

But, as we know by now, the truth is often a casualty of the initial reporting on a contract. He who hesitates loses the race to tweet the news before anyone else. The reporters who traffic in false data regard it as an occupational hazard, opting to push the news of the acquisition despite having full knowledge that they’re sharing contractual information that is embellished at best, fabricated at worst. They bank on no one really caring. For the most part, they’re right.

6 responses to “Melvin Gordon gets $2.5 million base, $1.5 million in incentives

  1. In a couple of years and these big money WR deals don’t pan out you will see WRs north of 28 getting deals a lot more like these. Wouldn’t draft any RB as high as McCaffery or Barkley went and you don’t pay them. WRs keep coming out year after year and after 28 their production drops off. Both positions are replaceable and college churns out new ones.

  2. Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon were a nice one two punch for the Broncos last season. They will only better with the threat of a real QB that keeps the defense honest. It’s gonna be fun to watch.

  3. Dude’s gonna make less than $1m after taxes and agent fees. That’s a far cry from the $10m/yr average the Chargers offered in 2019! Too bad this dude got bad advise on that holdout and then ran into a market that’s so bad for RB’s. He’s really good.

    Hope MG can parlay this deal into a bigger 2 year, one that averages $10m, but it looks like Gurley and Elliot broke that gravy train.

  4. I thought the initial report of $5M was way too high. RB are, after all, a dime a dozen. This is much more reasonable.

  5. Well as long as he knows his role is now a backup then this will be a good move. Jevonte Williams should have a monster year.

  6. The NFLPA should really do something for RB’s. By the time their original contract is up, they’re old men (by NFL standards). RBs have very short careers. They should be able to sign their second contract after 2 years. The current structure punishes RB’s and I believe the player’s union should be doing a better job of representing the best interest of their members.

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