Mickey Loomis: QBs are tough to evaluate because there are a lot of variables

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Though the Saints brought back Jamis Winston, signed Andy Dalton, and still have Ian Book on the roster, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the club also elected to draft a quarterback in this week’s draft.

New Orleans is searching for a long-term solution at the position following Drew Brees’ retirement. Winston could be that person. But the Saints would at least like the public to think they have an interest in a member of the incoming rookie class.

General Manager Mickey Loomis held his annual pre-draft press conference on Wednesday and essentially “no commented” a question about his general thoughts on this year’s QBs.

“Yeah, that’s not an area I want to get into,” Loomis said with a big smile on his face.

Loomis did later concede that quarterbacks are difficult to scout, especially considering the significant movement at the position over the last few years.

“I think what it says is that’s a tough position to evaluate and there’s a lot of variables involved,” Loomis said. “And so, I think it does affect you a little bit because, look, we all want particularly a first-round pick or a second-round pick, we want them to be contributors to the football team. And so you’re looking at, what’s the floor of a particular player? What’s the ceiling? So there’s risk/reward. Certainly, it affects how you think about it.”

Loomis also admitted that if a team is in the market for a QB, it may spend more time studying the prospects in the draft class.

“I think that’s reflective on what your desire is to get the particular position, that’s part of it,” Loomis said. “But we spent a lot of time on the quarterback position and every position every year. So I think our group’s pretty thorough in our evaluation. But I would say that, depending upon your need, you do spend a little more time at those positions.”

After making a deal with the Eagles, the Saints hold the No. 16 and No. 19 overall picks in the first round on Thursday and the No. 49 overall pick in the second round on Friday. If the Saints are truly interested in drafting a QB, they could use any one of those selections to pick him.

3 responses to “Mickey Loomis: QBs are tough to evaluate because there are a lot of variables

  1. Smart money says draft Sam Howell, start Andy Dalton and release Winston….
    Sam was thought to be a top QB last year…
    Dalton has prove he can win and take care of the ball..
    Winston is erratic under pressure and likely feels pressure knowing a better qb is behind him and coaches will be ‘at the ready’ to pull Winston when he screws up to get Dalton the starter!

  2. If your over complicate things i said Josh Allen was the best QB that year as was Brett Favre all those years ago you trust your eyes start with play making ability then arm talent then size then athletic ability do that you’ll be right more then your wrong.

  3. Don’t waste a high pick on leeser talent. Jameis Winston, QB1 – Go Saints!!

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