Need some post-draft reading? Buy Playmakers

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The offseason will officially begin to slow down after the draft comes and goes. While there will still be plenty of NFL stories in the coming weeks (and we’ll be posting daily on all of them), it gets a little less frenetic. A little more relaxed. A lot more manageable.

You can fill that void in non-stop NFL activity by checking out Playmakers. The price is holding steady at $18.76, more than $10 off the list price.

It tells the story of the past 20 years in the NFL, in a way that sheds plenty of light on how things really work in the NFL. It has stories you’ve never heard before. It brings back events you’d forgotten. It’s written in the same PFT style that you have grown accustomed to (or learned to tolerate) over the years.

Many have bought it. Plenty have not bought it yet. We hope that, if you haven’t, you will. Or that, if you have, you’ll buy it for a friend or a relative or any football fan for whom you’re buying a gift.

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  1. Loved it! The short chapters made it an easy “read it when you can.” When are you releasing Playmakers II?

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